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Competitions for residential and suburban real estate in 2009 in Ukraine.


Fourth All-Ukrainian competition of independent "Cottage village-2009
02/04 June 2009

Kiev, Exhibition Center "Acco International, Pobeda, 40-B (a park named after A. Pushkin)
OOO RealEkspo "
Phone: (044) 413-34-08, 426-78-36

Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing and Communal Services of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
Land Union of Ukraine
Ukrainian Construction Association


* The best architectural concept of the year;
* Best concept of infrastructure and improvement of the year;
* Best concept cottage community;
* Best Project of the Year
* Best area low-rise buildings;
* The best small town club type
* The best cottage village in Ukraine
* The best ratio of price-quality ";
* The best town of the Crimea
* Openness, reliability developer, investor;

"The cottage village-2009"

Serbin Yuri, MP, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy ASU
Koshil Andrew G., president of the Association of Land Union of Ukraine "
Artem Novikov, Managing Partner, Dialog-Classic "
Aleksei Kiselev, general director of consulting company "Kansas Kovalenko Viktor Ivanovich, director of" RealEkspo ", organizer of exhibitions and forums on the real estate project manager" Competition "cottage village-2009"

"Cottage town - 2009"

Section: conceptual design

Azur "cottage community

w. Mirotskoe, Kiev Svyatoshinsky rn, Kiev region.
Warsaw route.
Distance from the Ring Road - 18 km
The distance from the road - 1 km
The total area of the town - 90 ha
Space stations - from 20 to 75 hectare
Number of sites - 250
The area houses -250-500 sq ft
In the center of town - 3 lakes
Cost of 1 square. m-$ 500
On both sides of the forest, river Rokach

Section: TOWNSHIP Under Construction

The Club town "FAIRY TALE"
"Pagoda" OOO FBK

Residential town located in the area near the park Golosiivskomu Feofaniya.
On the territory of 3, 82 hectares will be built 70 semi-detached villas ranging from 200 to 460 sq ft, each of which has a separate entrance, private garage, a green recreational area of 1.5 hectare with a high level of engineering and social allowances and living conditions . On three sides the territory covered by forest. Safety and fabulous architecture, landscape gardening, high quality construction materials, air conditioning, automation and scheduling of buildings enjoy future owners.
Cost of 1 square. m now stands at 3000-3500 USD

Complex cottage towns "Precisely. Treasury of Europe "
Group of companies "name"

Group "name" - a reliable developer of cottage building, which creates, builds and sells the largest project in Ukraine - a set of cottage towns "name"
During the period of its existence the company has succeeded in implementing the project and to receive the award in the category "Best cottage community of Ukraine-2007", "The best cottage community in Ukraine-2008", as well as take a ranking position in the market of cottage building.
In 2007 the company joined the European Business Association, which made it possible to establish more extensive ties with partners and to be closer to Europe.
Since June 2006 the company began construction of elite cottage complex: "It is the Treasury of Europe": 4 cottage towns, obedani one concept.

"Maetok. Peryina Italy "- was put into operation;
"Maetok. Pearl of Italy ", 18 hectares, 104 houses. Floor - 2. Land - 0,12 to 0,25 ha. Area cottage - 200 to 400 square kilometers. m. Ready - 100% built.

"Maetok. Diamond Greece "
- the beginning of the project from April 1, 2008
"Maetok. Diamond Greece "- an area of 9 hectares envisaged construction of 31 cottage area of 300-353 square. m. Each household has access to the river, on the territory of the town is a lake. Floor - 2. Readiness - built. Infrastructure (entire complex)

"Maetok. Oksamyt Spain "- the beginning of the implementation of July 1, 2008;
"Maetok. Oksamyt Spain "- 38 hectares, 178 households. Floor - 2. Land - 0,18 to 0,25 ha. Area cottage - 300 to 400 square kilometers. m Infrastructure (entire complex). Readiness - earthworks.

"Maetok. Beads of France "
"Maetok. Beads of France "- 42 ha, 136 households. Floor - 2. Land - 0,18 to 0,25 ha. Area cottage - 300 to 400 square kilometers. m Infrastructure (entire complex). Readiness - earthworks.

Total area-152ga
Number of households - 448 cottages
Forest and Park area - 45ga
Multifunctional complex infrastructure - putting into operation in 2009.
Infrastructure (full range): own operational service "estate-service" TRK "Property Plaza» 1600 sq.m. (modern restaurant, food market, pharmacy, nursery, bank branch; collection point for dry cleaning), CRS 2200 quarter. m (indoor swimming pool (25 m), a fitness area and gym, spa, sauna, herbal tea room, massage room, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure), tire, car washing, recreational areas and recreational areas, medical complex, educational and training center, etc.
Life - is a jewel, "Maetok" - a frame

Ltd. "DIO groups" advocated the developer and the customer cottage town "Severinovka. The town is located 23 kilometers Makarovskyy district is not the Kiev region. on the route Kyiv-Zhytomyr in 3,5 km from the road. An area of 51 ha will be built 326 cottages are 10 types of classic North American style near the birch grove, pine forest and 2 lakes with an area of 163 to 601 kv. m adjacent lands from 9 to 25 hectare. There are townhouses from 166 to 175 sq ft with adjacent dilyagkoyu from 3 to 8, 5 hectare cost of 1 square. m cottage - 1100-1800 cu, including the cost of land. Offer you as one and two room apartments from 37 to 76 sq.m. 20 infrastructure services to the tenants: all telecommunications, network engineering, operating its own service, the Kiev phone number, internet, hour security.
The first phase was put into operation the second stage-4 square. 2009.

"Sunny" holiday village (Crimea)

Dacha town recreational type "Sunny" is located on the shores of the Black Sea in the east end of the embankment towards the city of Alushta. Distance from site:

- To the beach - 6 meters;
- To the central part of the city of Alushta (pl. Soviet) - 4 km;
- To the nearest public transport - 0,9 km;
- To the bus station-5, 5 km;
- To the railway station (Simferopol) - 50 km.

The town is situated on a gentle hillside overlooking the beach. From the windows of the local houses magnificent panorama - from the mountains of Ayu-Dag, through Alushta, along the east coast to Sudak. Planning territory excludes the penetration of her third parties. Alushta embankment ends for two hundred meters to the town, so was built by its own quay and poured a beach length of 50 meters, which can be accessed only residents of the town. The advantage of the town and the fact that it has paved its own road leading from Sudak route. To the town can go to the embankment of Alushta.
In "Sunny" will be their own network of shops, cafes, etc. The total building area is about 1,5 ha. They planned to build more than 20 sections with a total area of 12 thousand in April. m. The first phase consists of 8 sections, 4 of which are designed as individual villas with elevator, garage, swimming pool, sauna, gym, solarium and dock for boats or yachts. Their area ranges from 450 to 680 kv. m. In the two sections will house apartments ranging from 75 to 120 square meters. m. In the remaining sections will be submitted to two-and three-level apartments ranging from 210 to 320 kv. m, each - with a separate entrance. The height of the ceiling in a residential area will be 3 meters, and in basements, where pools are located and slipways, - 4 meters. With vertical oval to speak on the facades seaward windows of buildings not visible from adjacent sections. Roof sections can be used as a solarium.
In the construction of "Sunshine" uses the most modern technology. Building frames are built of reinforced concrete, insulation technology "ter-mod. Heating and air conditioning is carried out by heat pumps using heat from the sea, thus reducing operating costs by 5-7 times compared with traditional schemes, and water is pumped from the source Jur-Jur. Land of the town is privately owned, because buying a villa, you get a plot on which it is located in the property.
All this, taken together, creates the conditions for a comfortable, safe accommodation and rest in one of the best climatic zones of the South Coast.

OOO "Profit Group"
The first phase was put into operation the second stage-4 square. 2009.

"Sunny" holiday village (Crimea)


Company Profit Group "in an area of 7.6 hectares of building eco-cottage village landscape" Borovik "in 15 km from Kiev in with. Novoselki Vyshgorodskiy area. Today it is one of the most popular destinations in cottage construction. In the pine forest plans to build 41 houses in a contemporary style with well-developed infrastructure. There are three model projects an area of 180, 275, 344 sq ft on sites from 9 to 23 hectare. On the territory of the planned infrastructure and engineering networks.
Cottage town "Borovik" is a leader in the rating of the best cottage villages in Kiev Oblast ekspertizzoyu "Perevireno.Building" The best small town near Kiev, 2008.
To services of the future tenants: adminzdanie, park, playground, sports complex, a cafe-bar, restaurant, mini market, hotel rooms, BBQ area, parking.
Commissioning -3 April. 2010.

03 June as part of the Second All-Ukrainian Business Forum "Investment in real estate and construction-2009" were sizing up the Competition "cottage village-2009 and award winners

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
in nomination
Best Project of the Year
cottage community Azur
Ltd. "Modena STYLE"

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
in nomination
Best area low-rise buildings
cottage town "Severinovka"

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
in nomination
The best town of the Crimea
cottage community "Sunny"

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
in nomination
Better town club type

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
in nomination
The best ratio of price-quality "
cottage town "Borovik"

Competition Winner
"The cottage village-2009
The best cottage community in Ukraine-2009
complex cottage villages "" Precisely. Treasury of Europe "
Group of companies "estate"

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