The first national independent commercial real estate competition

The purpose of the competition : to highlight the advanced technology business in commercial real estate, to identify innovative companies operating in this market segment, at "objectively approach the evaluation of nominees submitted by the competent jury materials.
From 1 January to April 15, 2008 Organizing Committee nominees provide presentation materials, documents.
The finals will be held on May 28, 2008. In it presentation will take place within each of the projects submitted by the nominees, to a wide audience of potential investors. Results will be announced, held an Expert Council, the winners and award ceremony held. Summing up the results and an official ceremony held in the framework of the "Commercial Real Estate-2008", which will be held 27-29.05.2008 in the exhibition center "ACC International, the prospect of victory, 40b (University Park. Pushkin).
Evaluation will take place according to "Regulation of Competition", the criteria set forth in the form and presentation these materials.
Participants will receive diplomas and memorable characters, readers learn about these specialized media, Internet resources, and television viewers, "New Construction" on Channel 5 and "real estate" at the first business channel, they will be able to use the logo contest, in its advertising campaign.
Applications and a package of materials are accepted only until 15 April in conjunction with paid account. The cost of participation in a nomination -5000 USD.
To publish information about the project in the exhibition catalog to 15.04.2008 to send 100 words and photographs to the project
In the first nationwide independent competition COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE-2008 approved the following categories:
  • Best Developer of commercial real estate market
  • Best Company to speed the commercial real estate
  • Best management company for commercial real estate market
  • The best consulting firm for commercial real estate market
  • The best web resource of commercial real estate
  • Better media coverage of commercial real estate market
Category "Office Property"
Nominations (have built, under construction, project):
  • Business center Class A
  • Business center Class "B"
  • Business center Class "C"
Category "Retail"
Nominations (built, under construction, project):
  • Multifunctional and Office Center
  • Hypermarket
  • Megamarket
  • Supermarket
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Cafes
Category "industrial estate"
Nominations (built, under construction, project):
  • Business Park
  • Property complex
  • Administrative building
  • Factory or Plant
Category Warehouse real estate
Nominations (built, under construction, project):
  • Warehouse complex
  • Logistics Center
  • Fast-mounted construction
Category "Hotel real estate
Nominations (built, under construction, project):
  • Hotel
  • Motel
Category "Recreation property"
Nominations (built, under construction, project):
  • Health
  • Holiday
  • Recreation Complex
Category "Architecture"
Nominations: Best architectural project of certain type
  • Office properties;
  • Retail;
  • Industrial property;
  • warehouse properties;
  • hotel properties;
  • recreational property
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