List of participants of «Сottage town-2007»

Real estate contests in 2007: «Cottage Town-2007», «Housing-2007»
"Cottage town-2007

TITLE: The draft project

04073, Kyiv, Moscow avenue 9, Bldg. 3, office 503
Tel.: (044) 492-97-42, 492-97-43
Company Profit Group plans to build ecological landscape cottage settlement "Borovik" on the territory of 8 hectares in 15 km from Kyiv near the village Novosilky, Vyshgorodskiy district. Today this district is one from the most popular areas for the cottage building. In the pine forest is planned to build 30 houses in a contemporary style with well-developed infrastructure. Proposed three typical projects with area 228.0, 268.0, 502 square meters on plots from 18 to 36 are. Cost of 1 sq m cottage 1400 USD, are of land 8000 USD. On the settlement territory is planned infrastructure and engineering networks.

"Coral GROUP”:
98600, Crimea, Yalta Str. Street, 13 / Garden, 3, of. 11
President-Hotel "Tavrida"
Tel.: (0654) 23-42-24

Draft project suppose to build a housing complex of individual householders in the area "Polyana skazok located near village Vinogradnoye (Crimea, Yalta). Customer analysis of the situation at construction sites, worked at" integral space and planning decisions made decisions on transport and pedestrian scheme. The project on the plot 1.65 ha grow 19 cottages 4 types of area 317-393 m from the swimming pool, built-in garage and terraces. Each house will have a nearby area from 5 to 12 hundred. Along a river, forest, mountain view.

"Maximum" LLC "Institute of Investment Regional Development Strategies:
02140, Kyiv, etc. Preferred, 14th
Tel.: (044) 496-45-62
Fax: (044) 496-45-61
"Institute of Investment Regional Development Strategies has developed a detailed plan of the cottage town" MAKYMUM "in the village. Krasilovka Brovarskogo area. Employer plans in 48, 6 hectares bring 156 houses ranging from 150 to 550 square meters of surrounding area 15-22 hundreds. suggested the choice of 11 types of buildings. In terms of building community centers, elementary schools, recreation area next to the reservoir


Kyiv, str. Polupanova 21 off. 211
Tel.: (044) 494-14-95

Draft concept of cottage town "Lake of Dreams" includes the construction of the territory of 46 hectares of 106 houses of three types ranging from 174 to 340 square meters of surrounding land from 18 to 24 hundred in the village. Kozyntsi Borodyanka district (30 km from Kyiv). This should be an elite campus landscape with a natural lake in 4.5 hectares and designed recreational area of 10, 2 ha. Since at "yektamy infrastructure and engineering networks.

SECTION: settlements which are building

"Vodograi" LLC "British Investments Construction Campaign":
03113, Kyiv, trans. Artillery, 7 / 9
Tel.: (044) 585-98-98, 585-20-06

LLC "British Investments Construction Campaign" has started construction of the cottage towns "Vodohrai” in 25 km from Kyiv in the village Osykove, of Makarivskiy’s district. In the area of 65 hectares will be built 273 houses with an area of 294-535 m surrounding areas 0,18-0 , 24 hectares (5 types of buildings). There are 5 lakes area of 4 hectares, the park, along Grove and garden. In the town will build communal and social infrastructure objects. There is possibility of individual design of the building. Cost of 1 sq. km. m-equivalent. 1300 USD Bank loans available from "Forum"-bank.


Kyiv, str. Predslavinska 35, Bldg. 11
Tel.: (044) 528-92-82, 528-36-08

Subcontracting organization in the construction of the cottage town stands BC Ukrstalspetskonstruktsiya, as a consultant and seller - UKRAINIAN LEGAL COMPANY. The town is built in the 35 km in the village. October is Boryspil district. The area of 10 hectares will be built 22 cottages ranging from 254 to 505, sq. adjacent plot of 25 hundred. Around town forest grows in the first category, flowing river. The cost of 1 cu m -2300 . The cost of land included in the total amount. More than 20 objects to build infrastructure in the town with the necessary communications. Each house has access to a forest.

"Mayetok” (Estate). LLC "BUS":
08171, Kievo-Svyatoshinskiy district, Hotiv, st. Industrial, 3
Tel.: (044) 406-07-30, 406-07-32

You can feel the space in the new cottage "estate" only 10 km from Kyiv. (S. I. Vasilkovskogo area). On the hill Vasilkovsky Carpathians "in section 28 hectares is underway building 136 homes (12 types) in a single architectural style, designed by German architects. The unique landscape, the proximity to the city, quality of construction using modern materials and technologies, various infrastructure, network engineering, security, service give preference in the selection of future suburban housing. The area houses ranged from 220 to 430 m at sites 12-25 hundred. Cost of 1 sq. km. m reaches U.S. $ 2200 with the value of land, which in this area reaches 15 thousand USD for are. Designs, the construction and sale of the company "beads" that guarantees the delivery at "act in the short term. Ukreximbank provides loans.

Residential Village "Sun City"
The Customer-Company "Infinity"
The builder, LLC ETS-Story
08,136, Str., Kiev-Kiev district,
pp. Kryukivschyna Street. Michurin 10th
Tel.: 22-32-888, 22-32-999

The company has 3 years experience in the construction market, but offers future residents a great choice of houses. On the territory of 83.6 hectares in the village. Kryukivschyna Kiev to Kyiv (2 km. From Ring Road) provides building housing the town "Sun City" 6 types:
Type 1 - 96 individual cottages dvokvartyrnyh total area of 170 sq m plot with 4 hundreds and 2 type -426 townhouses apartment area 170 m? plot with 3 hundreds and garage, 3 type-22 section 17-apartment buildings, 12 22 -- apartment houses, five five-yatypoverhovyh 30-apartment houses and other low buildings, 4 type-60 one-family houses on lots of 15 hundred. It is planned that the town residence of 5 thousand 500 people population. Very close is forest. Fenced area and security protection. 22 objects of infrastructure. For habitants will serve all telecommunications, network engineering, proper service operation. The cost of 1 sq.m apartment, from 1650 USD, cottages - from 1800 USD, the cost of hundreds of land - in vid15000. at. "Sun City" is the first “club town” in business segment.

"NEW Bogdanivka" LLC "Development Corporation Kiev region":
Kyiv, str. Аніщенка, 8/15-a, office. 1
Tel.: (044) 254-44-58, 206-20-11

Various plans for the area and two-story buildings from 4 to 6 rooms from 117 to 225 square meters offers prospective residents' Development Corporation Kiev region "in zhilmassive cottage built New Bogdanovka (34 km from Kyiv) in Brovary area. The area of 100 hectares will be built 825 houses in the surrounding area from 4 to 12 hundred. Developed infrastructure, engineering support, reasonable price, credit and sales through the bank "Arcade" will not allow anyone to doubt.

"Plyutovo" LLC "Avatar":

Kyiv, str. , 4
Tel.: (044) 501-80-46, (097) 800-9-800

ТOf "Avatar" the customer is building the cottage town "Plyutovo. Company registered in 2003. The town is located at 24 km from Kyiv to Obukhovskoy route. On the territory of 4.2 hectares will be built 19 cottages ranging from 290 to 430 in April. m in a single architectural style. In the property transferred to 15-20 hundred lands. Proposed 3 types of houses, 9 objects of infrastructure. The cost of 1 square. M - from U.S. $ 2200, including land value. There inhabitants: all telecommunications, network engineering, proper service operation. The town is situated in a pine forest., Near is Kozynka-river.

"Severinovka" LLC "DIO GROUP:
03055, Kyiv, str. Ghali Timofeev, 3, room 17
Tel.: (044) 599-49-96, 332-41-23

Ltd. DIO group is developer and builder of cottage village Severinovka. The town is located at 23 km in Makariv district of Kiev region, on the route Kyiv-Zhytomyr at 3.5 km from the road. The area of 51 hectares will be built 300 houses in 6 types of traditional North American-style next to a birch grove and the river area from 167 to 602 in April. m of adjacent land from 9 to 25 hundred. Cost of 1 sq. km. m cottage - 1000-1500 USD, including land value. 20 objects of infrastructure facilities. Domestic: All telecommunications, network engineering, proper service operation. The town will be introduced fully into operation in April 4. 2008.

49107, Dnipropetrovsk, Str. High, 10, of. 19
Tel.: (056) 796-17-15, (0562) 36-64-73

The settlement of recreational type "Sunny" is located on the Black Sea (6 m) at the end of the promenade Alushta on the hillside. In the town built its own road. There is also its own infrastructure. At 1.5 hectares will be completed on 20 sections of area 10 sq. m. 4 sections - a cottage with an individual lift, garage, swimming pool, sauna, gym, solarium, boathouse boats to the area 450-650 m, other-suites from 75 to 100 m and 180 to 210 square meters with a separate entrance. The only town that has EIA. Heating and air conditioning, heat pumps by using warm sea. (reducing costs 5-7 times).


"Cherry Village"- country type housing complex
The Customer-Company "Transenerhoresursy-22"
Home-builder Dniprovska Investment Company
General contractor - LLC BC Rokkoko "
01004, Kyiv, str. Basin, 6th, 1 st.
Tel.: (044) 496-77-00

The town is located at 16 km from the city limits in the village Vishenki of Borispol district. Construction area -20 ha. There are 52 brick mansions of 3 types of area 360, 430 and 600 sq.m. situated on areas from 25 to 85 are. Bank of Zoloche-lake, Dnieper beach and park zone. There are some social infrastructure objects, full-day security, all telecommunications, network engineering, proper service operation. 100% readiness. The cost of 1sq m starts from 2100 USD (cost of land plot included in the price).

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