Contests on the property in 2006


Dear participants and visitors!

International Exhibition Real Estate Market 2006 is a prominent event, which brings together developers, architects, realtors, investors, representatives of banking institutions and insurance companies.
This year, the organizer of the exhibition emphasize the attention on ways of development of estate market and on attracting investments. At first time on the exhibition will be held ambitious nationwide competition "Cottage Town -2006", which will be presented best cottages and cottage settlements from Ukraine.

I am confident that the international exhibition "Real Estate Market-2006" and competition "Cottage Town-2006" will help participants to establish new business contacts, will help address the pressing problems of the real estate market and investment in Ukraine.

I wish all the participants referred to their activities and the organizers of productive work, strengthen the image and position in the real estate market of Ukraine, acquiring valuable experience!

Chairman of the Committee on Construction, Urban planning and Housing-Communal Services of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine                                                                                          Yuriy Serbin

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing-Communal Services of Ukraine welcome you to the International Fair Market of Real Estate -2006 and on the First Ukrainian competition " Cottage Town -2006 ".

Ukrainian construction market is developing dynamically. Thanks to such events as this one the real estate specialists of Ukraine have the opportunity establish a new business contacts for successful business in all market segments of construction technologies and materials. It is gratifying to note that within the framework of International Exhibition "Real Estate Market-2006" organized the first national contest "Cottage Town-2006", which allowed to combine in one exhibition venue the best designs of cottages with many regions of Ukraine. Conducting a national competition to promote for professionals the latest techniques and technologies led class construction. The aim of the competition - improve the investment climate, to identify promising ways to develop the real estate market and show the public projects that form the architectural style of high-quality suburban housing.

I wish all participants of the event profitable and promising contacts that contribute to the future prosperity of it!

First Deputy of Minister
construction, architecture and housing
of Ukraine                                                                                                          Anatoliy Berkuta

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