Types of real estate

The subject property can be considered a commodity which is inextricably linked with the land on which it is located. Any moving it necessarily entail the destruction and loss of market value.

Classification of real property by the method of "tree sign", which we give below, is useful for assessing property, taking into account the main features that characterize each group, for example, the nuances of trade, scale and market structure in which operations are performed on the sale of objects and etc.

According to this classification, properties can be divided by:

1. Functional purposes:
land intended for development;
natural systems (for exploitation);
rooms and apartments;
buildings and premises for shops and offices;
private homes, villas, cottages in the suburbs (with land);
industrial premises, warehouses,

2. By origin
Land tracts
Private land.
The complex of buildings and structures
Residential apartment buildings
Residential detached houses (mansions, cottages)
Entrance (section).
Floor in the entryway.
The complex of administrative buildings.
The premises or parts of buildings (Section floors).

3. Readiness for operation
Ready-made objects.
Objects that require major repairs or reconstruction.
Objects that require completion.

To assess the value of objects, namely: land, buildings, structures can be divided into two categories:
nonspecialized property;
Specialized property.
Specialized real estate
are those objects which by reason of their specific use very rarely sold on the open market for their further use of the profile. The only exceptions were the sale of such objects as part of existing business. This, special, character properties, defined by the features of its construction, location, specialization, size or a combination of these factors.

Properties for which there is constant demand on the open market, is a general purpose. This property has been freely bought, sold, rented. It is used both in direct order, and as an object of investment, development and investment.

In Ukraine, there are 3 types of real estate: land, housing and non-residential premises.

Land - is a fundamental factor in any commercial activity which directly or indirectly involved in the production of goods or services.
Earth is divided into:
1) The land intended for construction or for other purposes of use;
2) natural systems, designed for operation (deposits, etc.)

Housing - is a building with all amenities, designed for human habitation.
Accommodation is urban and suburban, which may belong to different classes: economy, business, elites, the model (by series).

The housing market may be primary (new) and secondary (secondary sale)

Real estate is divided on functional grounds for residential and non-residential.

In non-residential (commercial) real estate allocate retail, office, warehouse, industrial, hotel, recreational real estate, institutional, and real estate, intended for mixed use.

Types of real estate on readiness for use:
1) construction, which entered into service;
2) buildings that require major repairs or reconstruction;
3) construction in progress.

According to the degree of reproducibility in kind allocate property:
1) reproducible - a mineral deposit;
2) playing - it is building, building.

The degree of specialization are distinguished:
1) Specialized: chemical and oil refineries, museums and other buildings belonging to the culture;
2) non-specialist - is real estate on which there is a demand on the open market for investment.

By the nature of real estate needed for housing, commercial, agricultural purposes, special purposes (schools, churches).

For the purposes of ownership, it is designed for business, residence of the owner, as an investment for the development and deployment, as commodity stocks, consumption of resources, which are currently depleted.

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