Criteria for the classification of housing in new buildings

Today, housing in new buildings with some degree can be divided into three types - economy, business and elite class. The price of housing depends on the class (the parameters of the house). The classification focuses on the consumer to properly assess an apartment on the price / quality ratio. The main criteria for classifying objects new buildings to one category or another klassnosti are:

1. Location. Proximity or distance from the center, the distinctive characteristics of the area, accessibility, view from the windows, the prospects of urban development area, etc.

2. Architecture and planning solution. Number of entrances, number of apartments in the house, the possibility of choosing from among the proposed plan, or customized, area and parameters of separate rooms apartment, number of loggias and balconies, the location of apartments in the section - Corner, Interior.

3. Quality construction. Design features of a house. Building Technologies - foundation materials of the facade, walls, the possibility of an open-plan, the option finishes housing - rough, fine.

4. Quality Engineering. Equipment of apartments. Features of solutions of systems of heating, water supply (stand-alone or central), electricity, the presence of circulating pumps, fire fighting systems, ventilation and air conditioning, quality of elevator equipment, etc.

5. Availability of infrastructure. Shops, schools, kindergartens, public service facilities and other facilities available and expected to build in the process of erecting a dwelling house (housing complex).

6. Organisation house territory. Operation and maintenance of residential homes. Availability of parking, green areas, playgrounds children and adults, fencing the area, the existence of its own service organization, security, intercoms, etc.

7. Established reputation. The social component, social homogeneity of tenants, the proximity of specific sites, affecting the consumer appeal of a residential building (housing complex).

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