Classification of new buildings

According to the developed classification, housing is divided into 5 classes:
social, economy, business, premium and deluxe.
To determine the class of housing developers to use more than 100 parameters, which were divided into 7 main criteria:
construction and technical characteristics of the building and its structural elements
arrangement of buildings and house territory
social infrastructure of the building
Materials and Equipment
technical infrastructure
rganizatsiya management and operation.
Characterization Elite Class Business Class Economy Class
Construction Technology monolith-frame, masonry monolith-frame, masonry monolith-frame, masonry, team (prefab houses)
Location central and close to the heart of central and close to the heart of unspecified
Number of apartments in the house янв.30 100 10
Number of apartments per floor 4 8 any
Ceilings above 3 m 2,7-3 m
2,7-3 m
Architectural Design
individual individual serial
Area Apartments 52-400 sq.m 52-400 sq.m. 39-100 sq.m.
Parking required required possible

The higher class of accommodation, the more options, ensuring that is considered mandatory. But in addition to the technical characteristics of the house, also need to take into account the motivation of customers, that is what's driving the buyer when choosing housing.

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