Earth's natural reserves and other conservation values

Earth's natural reserves - a land and water space with the natural complexes and sites of special environmental, ecological, scientific and recreational value, in accordance with the law have the status of territories and objects of nature reserve fund (Article 43 of the Land Code).

Key features in determining the land and relating them to the category of land natural reserves are the following qualities:

* Object (or set of objects), are on the land, have special environmental, ecological, scientific, recreational value, etc.
* Plots of land for sites with special value have the status of territories and objects of nature reserve fund.

The main document regulating the legal basis for the organization, conservation, efficient use of natural reserve fund of Ukraine, restoring its natural complexes and objects, is the Law of Ukraine "On the nature reserve fund of Ukraine from 16.06.92 g, № 2456-XII, with the changes and amended (hereinafter - the Law of nature reserve fund).

Earth's natural reserves are classified into three groups:

1) natural territories and objects: nature reserves, national parks, biosphere reserves, regional landscape parks, wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments, protected Tracts (Article 44 of the Land Code)

2) land with artificially created objects: botanical gardens, dendrology parks, zoological parks, monuments, landscape art (Article 44 of the Land Code)

3) land other environmental purposes. These include land, within which there are natural sites of special scientific value (Art. 46 of the Land Code)

At the same time, the legislation provides for the establishment of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea additional categories of territories and objects of nature reserve fund.

Earth's natural reserves may be in the state, communal and private property (Art. 46 of the Land Code). In order to use the land wildlife fund is regulated by the wildlife fund. Separately, it should be noted objects, privatization of which is prohibited. These include: botanical gardens, Dendrology Park and zoological parks that were created and existed before August 5, 1992 * - they are not subject to privatization.

Note that the right to use the land or part thereof within the nature reserve fund may be a limitation (encumbrance) to the extent provided by law or contract. The establishment of any such restrictions (encumbrances) subject to state registration and is valid for a period prescribed by law or contract. If, due to restrictions (encumbrances) on the land have been damaged, the costs associated with its removal, shall be compensated according to the norms of the Land Code

According to Art. 9 of the nature reserves of territories and objects of nature reserve fund used for the following purposes: conservation, research, health, recreational, educational, educational, environmental monitoring, as well as: logging, harvesting of medicinal and other valuable plants their fruit, hay, grazing, hunting, fishing. However, the use of land for such purposes may only be exercised provided that such activities are not contrary to the intended purpose of territories and objects of nature reserve fund, the requirements for which are set for each natural (artificial) set separately.


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