Classification of recreational land

According to Art. 1950 Land Code to recreational lands include lands used for public recreation, tourism and sporting events.

Recreational area - a special area in the city or other locality made at the master plan as an area intended for public recreation. Recreational areas include land on land and in water areas. They are designed for mass recreation and tourism (Par. 1, Art. 63 of the Law on the Protection of Nature).

Land recreational uses for the following purposes:

  • Organization recreation

  • Tourism Organization

  • sporting events

For recreational lands include land (article 51 of the Land Code):

  • green zones and green spaces in cities and other settlements

  • Training of tourist and ecological trails

  • marked trails

  • in the rest houses, boarding houses, objects of physical culture and sports, holiday camps, camping, yacht clubs, stationary and tented camps, recreational travel, houses of the fisherman and hunter, baby travel stations, children's and sports camps, and other similar objects

  • for dacha construction and construction of other objects stationary recreation

Earth recreational purposes may be in the state, municipal or private property. This is stipulated in Clause 1, Article. 1952 Land Code. However, pay attention to the rules which are in art. 1983 Land Code, which limits the possibility of transfer of land tenure to private ownership. For example, public land settlements, such as squares, streets, driveways, paths, embankments, beaches, parks, squares, boulevards and other facilities are communal property, transferred to private they can not - it is prohibited (Article 83 of the Land Code ).

On the territory of recreational areas is prohibited (Section 2, Art. 52 of the Land Code, Art. 63 of the Law on the Protection of Nature):

  • economic or any other activity that adversely affects or could adversely affect the environment

  • economic or any other activity that impedes or might impede the use of such lands for their intended purpose

  • change the natural landscape and carrying out other actions contrary to the use of such zones for its intended purpose


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