Classification of land forestry purposes

Forest relations in Ukraine are regulated by the Constitution, the Law on Environmental Protection, the Land Code, Forest Code and other normative legislative acts of Ukraine.

By land forestry purposes include the following plots:

1) Forest lands, which are forest areas relevant to the forest fund of Ukraine and include:

  • land covered with forest vegetation

  • land, permanently or temporarily covered with forest vegetation under: sparse forest crops, forest nurseries, plantations, forest roads and trails, forest paths, forest fire-breaks, forest bilge ditches and drainage systems

2) Non-forest lands, comprising lands that are available to users and owners of such land in the prescribed manner and used for the needs of forestry:

  • farmland

  • arable

  • hay

  • pastures

  • deposits

  • Water

  • swamp

  • facilities

  • Communication

  • marginal lands

The current legislation stipulates that ownership of land forestry purposes may be expressed in one of three forms of ownership: state, communal and private property.

According to Art. 1910 Forest Code of the subjects the right of private ownership of forests are citizens and legal entities of Ukraine. According to Clause 2, Article. 1913 Forest Code of the forest received a legacy of foreign nationals, stateless persons and foreign legal persons, shall be sold within one year.

Ownership of land forestry purposes by legal persons and citizens acquire in the following cases: (Article 12 of the Forest Code, Section 2, Article. 56 of the Land Code)

getting closed forest plots of land with total area of up to 5 acres - for free or for a fee of land in rural, farm and other farms. This area can be increased in case of inheritance of forests according to law
obtaining land forest areas, they have created to acquire ownership of land degraded and low-productivity land. Restrictions on the amount of forest land is not

Private ownership of forests by citizens and legal persons of Ukraine arises from the receipt of documents certifying ownership of the land, and their state registration (act of state ownership of land given by the relevant land). The law stipulates the rights and duties of citizens and legal entities that are privately owned forests. The right to use forests shall be as permanent and temporary use of forests. The right of permanent use of forests certified by an act of state for the right of permanent use of land.



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