Classification of Agricultural Land

According to Art. 22 of the Land Code of the agricultural lands are: the land provided for agricultural production, agricultural research and training activities, placement of a suitable production infrastructure, or intended for these purposes.

Agricultural lands are divided into 2 groups:

  •   Farmland

  •   Non-agricultural land

Lands with agricultural purposes, used by the subjects of land relations on the Rights of ownership (private, state or municipal) or the right to use through the transfer of land into a permanent land use or to rent (short and long). As users of such lands can serve virtually all the subjects of land relations: individuals, moreover, as citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons or foreign nationals: the companies and institutions, moreover, as a privately owned, and state and municipal, foreign companies and enterprises with foreign investment, foreign states and international organizations. But in the ownership of agricultural land is somewhat different. This restriction exists for foreign subjects of land relations, which are citizens, stateless persons, foreign enterprises and organizations, international organizations and foreign governments. And even when the subjects indicated the land is made available to the property rights (and it's still possible, for example, in the case of transfer of land by inheritance to a foreign citizen or a foreign legal entity "), this section shall be subject to exclusion, and in within one year.

The main criterion that distinguishes agricultural land from all others, is in what order they should be used. Use of agricultural land is allowed only in the sphere of agricultural production. The use of such land for any other purpose is a violation of land legislation of Ukraine, which draws not only administrative but also criminal liability. Moreover, to date, the implementation of a number of operations associated with the alienation of agricultural land, imposed a moratorium, including prohibited changing the destination of certain land owned by individuals and legal entities.

In general, the agricultural land available for agricultural production, agricultural research and training activities, placement of a suitable production infrastructure, or intended for such purposes. Note also that, based on the prioritization of agricultural land, land suitable for agricultural needs should be provided primarily for agricultural use. Determination of land suitable for the needs of agriculture, on the basis of data of state land cadastre.

For the construction industry, housing and public utilities, railroads and roads, power lines and communications, pipelines, and for other purposes not related to the conduct of agricultural production, provided mostly non-agricultural land or agricultural land of inferior quality. With regard to power lines, communications and other communications, they are carried out mainly along the paths, trails, etc.


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