Secondary housing market

The secondary housing market - an area where there are real estate transactions, in which the first were the owners. If the apartment was not acquired through one hand, the change of ownership, it can not be completely sure the legal purity of the transaction. The more the owners were at the apartment, the higher the likelihood of possible legal problems.

Second-hand housing market is attractive, first of all, its diversity and richness of choice. It represented a variety of apartment price categories and quality. Depending on the quality and price level are the following types of secondary housing:
substandard housing - the apartments, which are not equipped with all facilities (may not be water, sewage, central heating), in houses with no more than three storeys;
standard housing - is flat with adjacent rooms and kitchens of small squares in the model homes, with up to 16 floors;
improved housing - it is flat with isolated rooms and back rooms in typical homes, with more than 16 floors;
luxury housing - it is apartments in houses built on special projects, located in the central areas of the city and equipped with luxury amenities (underground parking, security).

With the purchase of secondary residences, should be tailored to suit its pricing. First, the price of secondary housing is highly dependent on where it is located. Apartments in downtown areas with well-developed infrastructure, will cost more than housing in the suburbs. Secondly, the cost of apartments in the secondary market depends on its condition and interior decoration. And finally, the most important feature of the pricing in the market of secondary housing is the rule: the greater the area of the apartment, the lower the cost per square meter in it.

In order to be able to analyze the secondary market for residential real estate, specialists AN "Obolon Planet" in 2004, the classification of the existing secondary market, highlighting the period of construction, wall material, the total area.

1. Pre-revolutionary buildings
Number of houses in the city / share: 1556 /% 12.9
Number of proposals / Share: 208 / 4.45%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 3952
Rating of popularity (votes): 14

Period: before 1917
Floors: 1 ... 8
Masonry: Brick
Ceiling height: 3,2-4,5 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 35 ... 48
2-bedroom: 47 ... 80
3 bedrooms: 65 ... 112

This segment are arranged mostly in central areas of the city. Quite often these homes are monuments of history and / or architecture. Many of them are marked by plaques, narrating about the glorious history of the house, events, takes place in it, or its outstanding tenants. Their peculiarity consists in the fact that for a comfortable stay, they are suitable only after major repairs, as provided with outdated "family" utility, decoration and other materials. In this case, they certainly stand out favorably among the general mass of the buildings of the Soviet period originality, unconventional architectural solutions (both inside and outside the building), spacious squares. For typical projects did not exist, and each house has been copyrighted creation of the architect, his imagination, his "frozen music". With the right approach, ennobling and modern equipment, pre-revolutionary building is quite expensive and justified kokurentnosposobnym housing.

2. "Stalinkas"
Number of houses in the city / share: 1898 / 15.74%
Number of proposals / Share: 315 / 6.75%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 3421
Rating of popularity (votes): 9

Period: 20 th - mid 50's
Floors: 2 ... 13
Masonry: Brick
Ceiling height: 3.4 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 29 ... 40
2-bedroom: 47 ... 64
3 bedrooms: 60 ... 85

Classical (right angles, not a rich decor), the red, white brick, concrete or composite floors, 2-4 apartments per floor.
This type of housing is still quite expensive. This is due to the proven durability of buildings, using only brickwork, high ceilings and be good footage. Many of Kiev, they create a feeling of reliability, stability, quality of the building. Moreover, many "stalinkas" also located in the central and nearby areas. Apparently, at the time of Joseph Vissarionovich build "slack" was not permissible. Because most likely, these buildings are still surprised the townspeople of his monumental, impressive and durable. Even the "filling" of such buildings, including utility systems, in many cases behaves quite well for his age.

3. Modern Housing of the Soviet period (50-E-80-ies.)
In this group represented a wide range of buildings. Mass housing is characterized by the absence of external decoration, height from 5 to 18, thin brick or paneled walls, high ceilings 2,5-2,75 m, with 4 or more apartments on the floor, small footage of apartments. In institutional buildings use brick, improved planning, enhanced footage, individual construction projects.

3.1. Old Bar
Number of houses in the city / share: 1695 / 14.05%
Number of proposals / share: 667 / 14.29%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 1827
Rating of popularity (votes): 1

Series: "Khrushchev," Czech "," 464 "
Period: mid-50's - late 80's.
Floors: 3 ... 12
Masonry: reinforced concrete
Ceiling height: 2,50-2,55 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 23 ... 34
2-bedroom: 43 ... 48
3 bedrooms: 58 ... 65

These flats are cheaper in the amount of rest for the simple reason that they have very little area. Hence the awkward layout, combined rooms, tiny hallway and kitchen. Heat and sound insulation in the homes of very low, and the reliability and durability of buildings is more doubtful. At one time this house was built at a record pace in huge quantities and pursued only one main goal - to ensure as quickly as possible, as much as possible the number of people a roof over your head. This result is not well suited to contemporary notions of comfortable housing, but rather presented so little percentage in the total housing stock in Kiev.

3.2. Typical panel
Number of houses in the city / share: 1041 / 8.63%
Number of proposals / share: 436 / 9.34%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 1845
Rating of popularity (votes): 2

Series: "96", "134", "BPS-6"
Period: 70 th - 80-ies.
Floors: 9 ... 16
Masonry: reinforced concrete, claydite
Ceiling height: 2,65-2,75 m
Standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 32 ... 36
2-bedroom: 46 ... 54
3 bedrooms: 65 ... 73

It is a little more thoughtful and humane approach to the issue of construction and planning of housing than the previous version, but, by and large, a little of it is different. Situated these houses mainly in the bedroom communities on the outskirts of the city. Apartments in standard panel houses are characterized by poor tolerance of different (even minor) replanning. All standard panels are only a few options for layouts and apartments alike as twins. In such houses, even progressive design idea has little chance to change the face of the apartment, make it original and personal.

3.3. Improved standard panel
Number of houses in the city / share: 861 / 7.14%
Number of proposals / share: 314 / 6.73%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 1862
Rating of popularity (votes): 7

Series: "T", "CT", "APPS"
Period: 70 th - 80-ies.
Floors: 9 ... 22
Masonry: claydite
Ceiling height: 2,65-2,75 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 34 ... 44
2-bedrooms: 52 ... 56
3 bedrooms: 70 ... 80

In his time considered to be very advanced and prestigious type of housing. External design and high altitude have not yet lost its relevance for today. Square and lay flat confidently claim to be improved. Plays in this case, the wall material and does not cause absolute certainty the reliability of structures. Situated data structure solely on the "sleeping" arrays. Moreover, a typical kind of quarterly pattern of development of the neighborhood the same or similar houses of this type.

3.4. Old Brick
Number of houses in the city / share: 2878 / 23.86%
Number of proposals / share: 777 / 16.64%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 2162
Rating of popularity (votes): 7

Series: "Khrushchev", "MM-640», «K14», «1-318-35/36»
Period: mid-50's - late 80's.
Floors: 2 ... 14
Masonry: Brick
Ceiling height: 2,50-2,55 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 room: 26 ... 34
2-bedroom: 42 ... 50
3 bedrooms: 55 ... 69

Houses of this type are scattered almost all over the city and, accordingly, it is the location of the area strongly influences the price of the apartment. In this case, the only real advantage of the buildings are brick walls, unlike the panel, providing a better acoustic and thermal insulation. For all other parameters, including living space, layout, appearance, etc. these buildings fall into the company of small-sized space mass settlement and, unfortunately, only to be improved.

3.5. Superior Brick
Number of buildings in the city / share: 809 / 6.71%
Number of proposals / share: 324 / 6.94%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 2298
Rating of popularity (votes): 17

Series: "87", "Institutional building", "KP"
Period: before 1991
Floors: 4 ... 20
Masonry: Brick
Ceiling height: 2,65-2,75 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 34 ... 42
2-bedroom: 48 ... 69
3 bedrooms: 62 ... 92

In this case, speaks volumes of the fact that most of these houses were built as "institutional". Get an apartment like this would not everyone, and therefore "departmental" apartments were considered at one time the most prestigious type of housing. They are the best of the buildings of the Soviet period, floor plans, large, compared to the "massive" housing areas, using the most modern, the period of construction, materials and technologies. In principle, these homes are quite popular now and, surely, are the latest outdated buildings from all the past period.

4. Modern Ukrainian construction

4.1. Ukrainian panel
Number of houses in the city / share: 286 / 2.37%
Number of proposals / share: 388 / 8.31%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 1674
Rating of popularity (votes): 6

Series: "APPS Suite", "CT Comfort", "B-5", "EU", "Individual Project"
Period: since 1991
Floors: 9 ... 26
Masonry: claydite, monolithic concrete
Ceiling height: 2,65-2,75 m
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 39 ... 47
2 bedrooms: 60 ... 70
3 bedrooms: 78 ... 104

Houses of this type were either built relatively recently, or currently under construction. The cost of apartments in such buildings is relatively low and they focused primarily on population, not ready to pay more for the prestige of the area, view from the windows, expensive building materials. Because of their construction are used for cheaper than brick, panel blocks, they are bedroom communities, and the squares and layouts are more modest than the prestigious buildings of the next paragraph. Nevertheless, it is housing the new Ukrainian generation and it is in any case, more progressive and modern than the building of the Soviet period. These homes are fresh, new and well designed, moreover, they are well adapted to translate in their own areas of design abilities and ideas.

4.2. Ukrainian Brick
Number of houses in the city / share: 1038 / 8.61%
Number of proposals / share: 1240 / 26.56%
Average price offers, $ / M2: 2470
Rating of popularity (votes): 17

Series: "Individual Project"
Period: since 1991
Floors: 2 ... 28
Masonry: Brick
Ceiling height: 2,65 m and more
The standard metric area (S total, m2):
1 bedroom: 37 ... 56
2-bedroom: 61 ... 88
3 bedrooms: 78 ... 131

The most fashionable, progressive and, accordingly, expensive housing in Kyiv. This type of house provides not only all needs and whims of its residents. These homes are equipped with modern communications, the necessary infrastructure, public utilities are autonomous systems and services, require an individual layout and finish. They really embody the concept of self-organization of living space, opportunities to speak personally to the role of the designer and the designer or use the services of an experienced professional. During the construction of such houses, not the least taken into account the location of the house, the prestige and convenience of the area, view from windows. All these factors combined affect the level of the price of the house. The important role played by the fact that living in a house like this speaks eloquently of the respectability, income level and belonging to a certain class of its residents. And for the pleasure is in the narrow circle of their own kind, with enough people willing to pay additional amounts.

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