Classification warehouse real estate

Warehouses "A" class:
Modern warehouse building of lightweight construction, built after 1990;
Single storey (monospace) building, built on modern technologies with high quality materials;
High ceilings at least 10 meters, allowing the installation of multi-level racking systems;
Flat floor with dust-proof coating, floor load 5-7 tons / sq;
Fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing systems;
Fully adjustable temperature control;
Air curtains at the gate;
Independent electric substation and the thermal unit;
Automatic gate-type hydraulic dock ramp, adjustable in height;
Central air conditioning and / or a system of supply and exhaust ventilation;
The alarm system and surveillance system;
Office space in the warehouse;
Fiber-optic telecommunications;
Adequate area for parking and maneuvering heavy vehicles;
Location close to main roads, providing good access.

Warehouses class «B»:
Capital building;
Ceiling height of 6 to 8 meters;
Gender: asphalt or concrete without coating;
Temperature range from +10 to +18 C;
Fire alarm and hydrant systems;
Ramp for unloading vehicles;
Offices in warehouse
Perimeter area.

Warehouses class «C»:
Capital industrial building or a heated hangar;
Ceiling height from 4,5 to 18 meters;
Heated room temperature in winter +5 +8 C;
Gender: asphalt or concrete tiles, concrete, no cover;
Gate at zero.

Warehouses Class «D»:
Basements or objects of GO unheated premises.

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