Classification of hotel real estate

The funds allocation are divided into collective and individual.

For accommodation facilities include:

Hotels and similar accommodation:
  •  Hotels (including Apartment)
  •  Motels
  •  Clubs with accommodation
  •  Pensions, furnished rooms
  •  Hostels

Specialized means of accommodation:
  •  Sanatoriums, dispensaries
  •  Work and recreation camps
  •  Resorts
  •  Hiking shelters, parking and other
  •  Hiking, sports centers, recreation
  •  House hunter (fisherman)
  •  Convention centers
  •  Public means of transport (trains, cruise ships, yachts)
  •  Land and water transport, converted by means of accommodation for the night
  •  Camping (sites for camping, caravans)

Individual placement:
apartments, rooms in apartments, houses, cottages, rent

Hotel - a company that provides people who are away from home, range of services, the most important among which are equally accommodation and service of food.

The essence of the provision of accommodation services is that, on the one hand, the use shall be granted special facilities (hotel rooms), on the other - provided services performed directly by staff of the hotel: reception for the reception and registration of guests, services maids cleaning hotel rooms and etc.

Different hotels have different room types with different grounds, furnishings, equipment, equipment, etc. However, regardless of category hotel room must have the following furniture and equipment: bed, chair and chair, bedside table, wardrobe, general lighting, trash can. In addition, each room should contain information about the hotel and an evacuation plan in case of fire. Other services complement the offer of accommodation and food services. These include: swimming pool, conference halls, rooms for negotiations, sports equipment, car rental, dry cleaning, laundry, hairdresser, massage and many others. Depending on how they are made and combined into a single complex, formed some type of enterprise, such as hotel rooms, middle-class hotel, hotel apartments, hotels, economy class, hotel-resort, motel, private hotel-type "Bed and Breakfast" .

However, there are several common characteristics which are usually classified hotels.
We are providing only the most used among them:

1. The level of comfort - a comprehensive criterion, whose components are:

  •  State of the guest rooms: room size, the proportion of single rooms, suites, suites, availability of amenities in the rooms
  •  Condition of furniture, equipment, items, sanitation supplies
  •  The existence and condition of catering
  •  Condition of the building, driveways, adjacent to the hotel area
  •  Information provision and technical equipment
  •  Ensure the provision of additional services

2. Rooms - number of seats that may be offered to clients at the same time. It is generally accepted to share hotel for:

  •  Small - capacity up to 150 seats (in some countries, no more than 100 rooms)
  •  Medium - 150-400 seats (up to 300 rooms)
  •  Large - over 400 seats (more than 300 rooms)

3. Functionality - This criterion is crucial in determining the typological structure of the hotel.

Total classified into two large groups of enterprises, transit and destination:
Transit - hotels serving tourists in a short stop. They are located on highways with high traffic to their limited level of comfort.

Target hotels depending on the purpose of the trip are divided into:
  •  Hotel business-oriented, serving persons staying on mission
  •  Hotels for leisure (spa - providing accommodation, meals and a number of additional services for people seeking rest and recuperation, and tourism - the main objective of leisure).

4. Location
Here there are different variations. Hotels may be located in the city, in the mountains, the coast, etc.
In addition to the location of the hotel, allocate classification numbers and type of rooms.

5. Duration of
According to this criterion hotels are classified on the hotel, working all year round, working 2 seasons or the hotel, operating for only 1 season.

6. Provision of food
  •  Hotels, working on the "All Inclusive" (hosted four meals with the inclusion of alcoholic beverages, both local and foreign producers, depending on the specifics of the hotel and its cost value);
  •  Hotels, providing full board (accommodation meals)
  •  Hotels, providing half-board (accommodation half board with a variation of brunch or breakfast-dinner)
  •  Hotel, offering accommodation and breakfast only

7. Length of stay guests
  •  Hotels for long stay guests
  •  Hotel for short stay

8. In terms of pricing the rooms are classified into:
  •  Budget
  •  Cost
  •  Average
  •  First-class
  •  Apartment
  •  Exclusive

So, there are many principles and criteria for classification of hotels world, everything depends on national, geographical features of the country, as well as local traditions. In the classification of hotels in different countries also use different systems.

Classification of hotels on interstate standard GOST 28681.4-95 "Tourist and excursion service: Classification of hotels" from 01.01.1997

Number of stars






The hotel should be separate from the service entrance for guests, parking, number of seats in which no less than 10% of the number of rooms, elevator (in a building taller than three floors), bathroom (toilet, shower or bath), no less than 25% rooms and on each floor reception with seating area and waiting room as well as consumer services. At least 60% of hotels in this hotel should be single and double rooms. Area 1-room single room without a bathroom, loggias and balconies shall be not less than 8 square meters., And 1-room double - not less than 12 square meters. TV and refrigerator on the floor




In all of the above, for hotels (with more than 50 rooms) must be even a restaurant or cafe and suites (apartments), a number that can be connected. Bathrooms should be already in 50% of the rooms and the number of single and double rooms - not less than 80% of the fund




Value room fund equivalent to 2 *. All rooms have to be a toilet and bathroom, TV, refrigerator and air conditioner. At the hotel should be located parking, hairdresser, business center, currency exchange and ticket reservation tickets for different modes of transport. Hotel staff should have a uniform, differentiated by services




A set of additional services, corresponding to hotels with 3 *, besides the above, telephone, hair dryer, shampoo, shower gel, bath in each room. The door of high secrecy. Our breakfast is served in your room. At the hotel there are: beauty salon, fitness center, car rental. At the entrance necessarily luminescent signboard hotel. Mandatory Switzerland




Same as in a 4 * hotel, but at a better level of service. The rooms need 2 bathrooms, telephone in the bathroom. The area of a single-room numbers shall be not less than 18 square meters. and double - 25 square meters. more 


Hotel category 1 star
- Category 1 star hotels can be made from low-cost building materials, must have equipment and furniture, the issue of which is serial in nature.
- Square rooms (excluding bathrooms and balcony areas) provides as follows: single - 8 m2, double - 10 m2, three - 14 m2, four - 16 m2.
- Inventory number of category 1 star following: a bed (single - 80х190 centimeters, double - 140h190), bed linen, bedside table beside each bed, clothes hangers, wardrobe, chairs (one for each guest), a desk, heavy curtains , mirror, glasses (one for each guest), an ashtray.
- Labels "do not disturb" and "Please remove" should be in hotel rooms in all categories.
- Room service - daily, change of linen - once in three days.
- Each floor at the rate of 5 rooms are provided toilets and bathrooms / showers.
- In hotels with more than four stories should be elevator or escalator (in the case impossible to install the elevator provides free delivery of luggage to the room). On each floor - local phone, and at the reception - with long-distance.

Hotel Category 2 stars
- Hotels category 2 stars provide equipment and materials, which may be inexpensive, but functional.
- Room toilets should have an aesthetic appearance, the walls and floor should be covered with waterproof material and made qualitatively, with no visible defects.
- The area of single rooms - no less than 9 m2, double - 12 m2, triple - 16 m2, with four - 18 m2.
- The room should be a wash basin with hot and cold water.
- In 50% of rooms - full bathroom. Shared bathroom or shower at least every 20 people, and toilet - for every 10 rooms.
- Inventory number corresponds to category 1 star.

Hotels 3 star
- 3-star hotel should be organically integrated into the architectural ensemble of the street (the area), the main facade of the house must meet certain architectural style. If the house is built on bad projects, and has expressionless facade, it is necessary to apply a wide range of modern construction technologies and materials that provide an opportunity to create an acceptable appearance of the building.
- The rooms and public spaces should be decorated with decorative elements, paintings and works of art.
- Bathrooms - fitted with quality equipment the average cost, the walls and floor are covered with appropriate waterproof material, performed without flaws.
- Availability of the elevator in a hotel in this category with the number of floors for more than three required, as the availability of parking with the number of seats not less than 20% of the total number of rooms.
- 100% of rooms must have a direct telephone link with the urban network.
- The room provides: bathroom, telephone, color TV, refrigerator.
- Square Single rooms one room - not less than 10 m2, double-bedroom - 14 m2.
- Room facilities inventory corresponds to the category of 1-2 stars with the change of size bed (single - 90x200 inches, double - 149h190 centimeters).
- In the category of three star hotels are the following services: restaurant or cafe-bar.
- Bed linen and towels - daily.
- Available iron and ironing board, dry-cleaning services, travel services: excursions, services of guides and interpreters.
- Starting with a 3 star hotel should be equipped with a backup hot water system in case of accident or maintenance work.

Hotels 4 stars
- 4-star hotel and should fit into the architectural ensemble of street (square), additionally all the facades of buildings must meet a specific, distinct architectural style, in the case of reconstruction of the house, which is a monument to the history / architecture should be preserved the original look of the original form of fronts, frescoes, stained glass, moldings, balusters, and more.
- Interiors of the building must be executed in accordance with the same style of design project, decorated with works of art, in harmony with the interior.
- Building materials, furniture and equipment rooms and rooms are carried out using expensive materials.
- Bathrooms have expensive equipment that is in excellent condition, the walls and floors are covered with high quality waterproof material not less than two-thirds of the surface.
- The area of single rooms is 16 m2, double - 20 m2.

Hotels category 5 stars
- Hotels 5-star category must have exceptional interior design. Rooms, hallways, lobbies are decorated with original works, paintings, decorative ornaments, ceramics, tapestries. Interior and design should form a respectable atmosphere.
- Equipment rooms and public spaces, including toilets, should be made of the most expensive materials, have exceptional character, unique features and stay in perfect condition.
- The area of a single room is 18 m2, double - 25 m2.
- Square bathroom - not less than 4.5 m2.
- Every room should be full bathroom (bath, shower, sink, toilet), telephone, air conditioning, TV with remote control and the major TV channels worldwide, fridge or mini-bar, safe. Also provides security alarm or electronic security control room, the door lock of increased secrecy, soundproof rooms increased, ensuring noise levels below 35 dB, switch the remote control of all sources of light at the bedside, in the heating systems provided for individual thermostat control the temperature in the room and floor heating in the bathroom.
- The set of furniture provides rooms other than those mentioned similar for all categories of accommodation: a bed (single 90x200 cm, 160x200 cm double bed), chairs - one for each room chairs - one for each guest, coffee table, desk with desk chair, stand under the TV, full-length mirror, a set of dishes for a mini-bar, as well as informational and promotional materials in different languages in a folder with the hotel logo.
- The complete sanitary equipment categories 4-5 stars include: hygiene, hair dryer for drying and styling, 4 bath towels for each guest, a bathrobe and slippers (only for hotels 5-star category).

In addition, the hotels of category 4 and 5 stars should include:
- Business Center (conference room), equipped with communications equipment, copiers, computers and facsimile number;
- Swimming pool with sauna;
- Medical office;
- Hairdressing salon,
- Shops and kiosks,
- Cafe, restaurant with several rooms, bars and a nightclub.

Services provided by four-and five-star hotels should be as follows:
- Room and its control during the day, evening training facilities (only 5-star category);
- Change of linen and towels - daily;
- Washing with a term of execution less than 12 hours, ironing with a term of execution to one hour, dry cleaning within 12 hours, and shoeshine;
- Secretarial services, translators;
- Currency exchange - around the clock,
- Car Rental;
- Parking (hotel staff) and supply car guest (only 5-star category);
- Switzerland
- Organization of meetings and departure of the clients (to the airport, train station);
- Book tickets for different modes of transport; t
- Uristicheskie services;
- Food service: the ability to select any of the options for food, restaurant reservations (the menu should be in each room, and service - day and night).

The staff must be fluent in one foreign language and work in uniform, differentiated services to the hotel.


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