Classification of entertainment property

In international practice is to divide the market for structured recreational property in the following segments:

1) Lay entertainment facilities. This class may include, for example, a cafe / bars low level, slot machine halls, etc.
2) Professional entertainment facilities. This class include high-quality bowling clubs, schools HoReCa high-class, multiplexes, etc.
3) Complexes for family entertainment. This class entertainment facility involves the location of large areas of tens of hectares in the open air (if climate allows) or in large spaces, usually united by one idea of amusement, theme pavilions, cinemas, slot machines, catering, always held the show, and much more .

For Ukraine, due to low by world standards development level of the entertainment industry, the more acceptable is the classification of entertainment properties in terms of characteristics of the property. Under this approach, an entertainment property is divided into:

1) non-capital structures (pavilions, kiosks, etc.) - require the least cost in construction and for this reason, the most used segment when placing entertainment medium sized (100 to 300 sq.m.)
2) Open areas. Most often in this format are entertainment, working, depending on the season (eg, summer cafes, sports and playgrounds, amusement parks, etc.);
3) Built-in facilities in residential and nonresidential buildings. The range of different specialization entertainment, working in a format embedded space is quite wide. On the first or ground floor can accommodate both a cafe, bar and restaurant and night club or casino.
4) Detached capital building is one of the most expensive options for accommodation and entertainment facilities. Most often on this version stops the owners of prestigious restaurants, casino or entertainment complexes.

Affiliation institution to one of these classes is one of the main pricing factors in the market areas used by the organization of the entertainment business in Ukraine.

By type of entertainment are divided into:

• theatrical complexes;
• Case entertainment;
• water parks;
• High-tech entertainment centers;
• entertainment zone in the TC;
• family entertainment centers;
• children's entertainment centers.


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