Classification homes

To understand and analyze trends in the segment of households, we conducted a classification of this segment, highlighting three types of houses: "elites", "Business" and "economy". Many years of practical experience in the real estate market has allowed us to identify precisely those characteristics that most strongly influence the cost of houses and therefore most important to buyers. These characteristics formed the basis for the classification of households. (Table № 1)

Table № 1. Classification of households
Class total area (sqm) Land area in hundred parts (city) Land area in hundred parts (suburb) Water / Sewer Gas Heating Built
Elite Over 250 Over 8 Over 15 tsentr. / center., pit + Autonomic, central 2000 and later, Europroject
Business 120-250 Not less than 5.8 hectare No less than 10-15 hectare center., well / center., pit    
+ Central, boiler 1994-2000
Economy Less than 120 Unspecified  
Unspecified Center., Column in the yard, well, no / center., Pit + / - AOGV, boiler, furnace, steam, there is Before 1994

Explained that this classification is quite conditional - on the market is difficult to find a household that meet once all characteristics. Each individual home ownership and does not consist of "boxes" (as apartments), but also from the land, which can be considered separately and has sometimes cost more than the house itself.
The division into three classes traditionally and logically. It is necessary to highlight that the houses would fit in the elite class in all the characteristics of very small (typically a few percent). House of the elite class - it is always exclusive objects that are characterized by individual design and architecture, large area (an average of 350 square meters), the presence of additional infrastructure facilities (sauna / spa, swimming pool, gym, etc.) and are clean areas with ponds and forests.
Business class can be summed up as good, neat, new homes, where have all the comforts of life. The area of these homes an average of 150-170 square meters. m. There is also a little house on the market (about 15%).
Most of the proposed buildings relates to the economy class, while in this category, we do not consider wooden chalet houses and parts of houses.

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