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The rules for applying for free real estate ads

Allocation and use of information

All information placed on the portal
is the property of the portal, and banned the commercial distribution.

You can post any information on the sale and rental of country and overseas real estate.
Advertisements are accepted from individuals and legal entities and can include text and graphics (photographs, diagrams and layout).

Service is provided free of charge.

How to place an ad?
Just click on the link "add ad". In each section, which has the ability to add ad, there is a link. It is located on the right side menu.

Add, edit and delete ads may only users who have registered. Therefore, if you have not registered (or not included under the password to the system), your ad will not work. The screen will display a message on the necessary actions on your part.

Procedure for declaration divided into 2 steps.

1. Writing text messages
A set of ads for maximum automated. You only need to fill in the form. Just choose a value from a list, dropdown menus, make notes, and after saving, the system itself will form the correct, in terms of language, ad. If necessary, you can use the text field "Additional Information".
All required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). After filling all the positions for your contact information, click the "Add".

2. Enter contact information
Each user can have a personal set of contact information, which he will use when you add your ads. Contact information (name, website, e-mail, telephone, etc.) is taken from the user profile. For each ad can be used by its own, it was necessary to you, the combination of contacts. Are required is at least one phone number. To change contact information, click the "Edit" to save the messages - "Save."

Important Notices
Changing the contact information in the form automatically entails a change in specific points (phone, fax, etc.) in all advertisements in which it was used.
If you know the system as a mediator, but you do not want it to be seen on the individual ad - do not make a mark in the section "Contact" ( "company name" and "name"). In this case, after saving messages under it will not appear as "Other user objects. In some cases, this feature is necessary and useful.
At first glance it may seem that this process is complicated and not understandable, but, believe me, it is not. This principle does not add random. Those users who need to add on more ads at a time, already appreciated the simplicity and convenience of this method of information input.
Rules of submission of ads
By adding an advertisement in the bulletin board, you agree to the following paragraphs of the rules:
1. Responsibility for the content of ads fully vested in the authors' ads.
2. By adding an advertisement in the bulletin board, you agree to comply with the legislation of Russia, the existing rules of ethics and the requirements set out at Appendix ads.
3. You waive all possible claims to the administration of boards and the owner of web site that is hosting this message board, related to the operation site, acceptance or refusal to accept a particular advertisement, deleting board administrator.

I agree with the rules, New Ad


1.3. Giving false information in a sentence: non-existent facilities, telephones, etc.
1.4. To place an image, not included in the proposal, as well as containing advertising
1.5. To place information in text boxes are not relevant to the proposal (advertising services, websites, etc.)
1.6. To place other people's suggestions (especially the "landlady") without permission firsthand
1.7. Duplicate the same sentence
1.8. Falsify the price of the object / suggestions
1.9. Deliver proposals irrelevant - they should be disposed

2. Proposals that do not meet the above Rules will be deleted without notice
and offenders will be denied access to the addition

3. Show time proposals under the headings "SALE" and "RENT" - 30 days

4. Shelf offers after-show - an additional 30 days

For any queries on email
to e-mail or call: +38 0503844498

Everyone, adding the proposal to sell and lease real estate
acquaintance, and is consonant with the above Regulations

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