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To buy / sell / lease / rent house, apartment, land or other real estate in Ukraine and abroad in the primary or secondary market, register first, then fill out this application and our specialists will find and offer you the best option, or find a buyer in soon as possible.
All fields are required. Cost of sales and lease fill only in dollars.
Improperly filled application will not be accepted for processing. The proposed facilities can add photos smaller than 300 kilobytes.
If you urgently need to sell, you should come to our agency to conclude an exclusive contract.

You can:

and if you are very busy to go to the office agencies REALEXPO or talk on the phone, fill out this form, describe the house / apartment, and specify when you should call or write a letter to an agent.
We will contact you!
Planning to buy a house, cottage or country house and not found on our website each option?
Post your application to find!
Get in the Real Estate Agency REALEXPO advice about buying and selling suburban real estate - is to see the "range" of suburban real estate for sale in Ukraine. We cooperate with all companies, developers cottage towns, new buildings in the suburbs. And one of its main advantages, we believe the opportunity to offer you a wide selection of rural real estate.

How to speed up the sale of real estate?
If you need to sell your property as quickly as possible, but you do not want to understate the price, you must know, which determines the speed of the transaction.
Even when you need to sell your property immediately, you do not want to lose your money, attracting customers a lower cost. How long can a buyer looking for? What is the speed of search? To accelerate sales, not zanyzhuyuchy its price? Answers to these questions you will find information regarding agencies REALEXPO. To get it, please fill out the questionnaire.

What you get for your property? How to avoid mistakes in the calculations?
List of expenses incurred by the owner of apartments in its sales
To think that after selling your house / apartment you will receive an amount equal to the value of this property - big mistake!
Selling your property, many people plan to buy a new house / apartment (or other expensive property) in an amount equal to the selling price of the old facility. I got into debt because it does not take into account the costs of sale. Meanwhile, the amount that you can have at their disposal when selling their property - is the selling price minus the cost of operation. How to calculate costs, and which requires a transaction?
List of major expenses for the sale of real estate you will find information regarding agencies REALEXPO. To obtain this list, please fill out the questionnaire.

Contract of sale apartments

What should pay particular attention!
Sale of any property - it is probably the biggest transaction of your life. Therefore, the sales contract can not prevent mistakes!
One of the main document - a contract of sale. Knowing what should stay with his coordination, you can avoid some common mistakes that allow owners of property.
List the most important points which you need to pay attention, you will find information regarding agencies REALEXPO. To obtain this list, please fill the form

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