Zavorotnyuk forbidden to travel abroad because of the credit for housing

13.11.2015 00:00
Articles about real estate | Zavorotnyuk forbidden to travel abroad because of the credit for housing Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has serious financial problems. Actress temporarily banned from traveling abroad because of debts to the bank. The actress was going to challenge in court the appropriate decision Marshals Service, but withdrew the claim.

"The representative of the plaintiff refused to submit the application and the case was closed. It was the will of the Zavorotnyuk "- told the" Notepad "in Nikulinsky court.

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As the main argument in favor of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk her counsel referred to the fact that her client work involves travel abroad on tour and filming a movie.

"The representative of the petitioner pointed out that the restriction to leave the Russian Federation creates an obstacle to the applicant in the course of business, which is its main source of income. In this connection, the lawyer Zavorotnyuk requests to invalidate the decision of a bailiff in the district "Troparevo-Nikulino" on the tenth of August ", - told the Business FM radio station Acting court spokesman Alain Samokhodkin.

Previously, we reported that in late December Zamoskvoretskiy Moscow court ruled to collect from the actress 537,043 US dollars. "Russian mortgage bank" went to court in connection with the failure Zavorotnyuk loan agreement concluded between the parties. The original lawsuit was pending for a large sum, but the court reduced the amount of penalties. The actress tried to challenge the court's decision in the appeal, but in April this year, the Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the trial court.

Details of the case is not officially reported. However, as reported by the media, it is a loan, which the actress took home purchase. Zavorotnyuk with her husband recently bought at Yalta apartments of 200 square meters on the seafront, close to the Nikitsky botanical garden.

"We just bought two apartments - children already large. Anya and Mike, everyone - his own room with bathrooms and common - living room, hall and kitchen. And we with Peter - his bedroom and living-room ", - says Zavorotnyuk.
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