Zaporozhye region - among the leaders in building collapse in

28.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Zaporozhye region - among the leaders in building collapse in In Ukraine, the building collapses, and there are prerequisites for the fall in housing prices - said at a meeting of the Chamber building. Over half the volume of housing construction in the country grew by a mere one percent. And by the fall job site may stop altogether.
The reason - a fall in demand for apartments. Commercial banks are reluctant lend. And the Ukrainians, who can afford to arrange a mortgage is getting smaller.

Builders say they have - a recession. Translated - that means building a smaller and smaller. The recession looks like this - tossed unfinished, empty windows, no construction crane.

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Housing demand falls, price rises for construction materials. Over half the volume of construction fell in 14 areas. Particularly noticeable - in Zakarpatkoy, Zaporizhia and Lviv regions - more than 10%.

The leaders of small building companies fear that they face bankruptcy.

Builders blame their misfortunes banks. Those are very limited lending to the population - get a mortgage crisis in Ukrainian. And now, they say, and yet the media provoke a collapse in property prices.

Big companies are going through troubled times easier.

Builders have written a petition to President, Prime Minister and Parliament - need to listen to them at a meeting of the NSDC. In fact, ask for one thing - the NBU must change the conditions under which financial institutions can issue loans. Now the measures taken by the National Bank to fight inflation, greatly complicate the issuance of mortgage loans.

Realtors, in turn, is not the first month of the reduction in the number of transactions. And therefore confidently predict a decline in housing prices of low quality.

Meanwhile, builders are not going to concede. And insist - every hryvnia invested in new housing, initiates the appearance of five hryvnia in related fields - hence, they determine the growth of the economy as a whole. Hope that it will be perceived by the authorities as an argument.
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