Yushchenko promises to restore state cottage near Kyiv

31.08.2010 09:40
Articles about real estate | Yushchenko promises to restore state cottage near Kyiv Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, who promised to rid the Square of power privileges, he still lives at the presidential summer residence in the state top-Zaspa. He explains this by saying that his private country house in need of repair. Instead, Yushchenko's former allies are convinced that it is a place to live, but derzhdachi. The same thoughts and villagers New Bezradichi where there are few private pensions of ex-President.<br />On the last day of his presidency Viktor Yushchenko said that does not last for the state's summer house in Koncha Zaspa and agree that any decision on it, which will approve its successor, Viktor Yanukovych.<br /><br />"I know that the status of public officials is a certain level is right. How to dispose of this right for me new president - a question to him. Will say at the station - I live at the station. There will be another solution - I do ", - Yushchenko promised.<br /><br />State number 27 in giving top-Zaspa - a two-storey house with an area of 900 square meters, is made in the style of the late 19 th century. Formerly surrounded by ex-President said that he is forced derzhdachu number 27 because it nowhere to live.<br /><br />However, soon after the presidential elections in 2005 Yushchenko showed reporters his private estate in rural New Bezradichi south of Kyiv. In his statements from 2009 noted that a privately owned apartments, and private house, with over 1000 square meters of housing, and another 13 hectares of land.<br /><br />Ex-president secured their own housing - journalist<br /><br />Yushchenko secured housing, and he leaves the state summer residence for other reasons, emphasizes journalist publication "Ukrainian Pravda" Serhiy Leshchenko, which investigates the assets of the Yushchenko family.<br /><br />"Yushchenko has enough private possessions. Several estates in Bezradichi, a huge three-story apartment on the street in Kiev ... Malopidvalna Lady rent an apartment, which has in its ownership. Information Yushchenko nowhere to live is to put it mildly, an exaggeration "- says journalist.<br /><br />However, in one of these estates in the village of New Bezradichi fire took place in April. But, according to firefighters Obuhovskogo Directorate Ministry that it extinguished, burned a new roof, unfinished house that brings Yushchenko near the old estate.<br /><br />Yushchenko satisfied neighbors neighbor<br /><br />For details of Radio Liberty correspondent went to New Bezradichi.<br /><br />Buildings Yushchenko estate, surrounded by a park, still visible from the highway leading to the village. However, at all turns to him - a sign "No entry". Find a way in which former president and his guests could get no traffic violations, failed.<br /><br />However, the building is visible from the estate houses and gardens of his neighbors, fellow villagers. One three-story building has no traces of fire or repair, looks like quite suitable for life. In the second - see curtains on the windows and images of people standing on the balcony. The third big house - unfinished. Next - construction machinery, carriages for workers, but no works to be seen.<br /><br />Neighbors ex-President of his neighborhood happy. They say that is not the only substance Yushchenko in this village, and therefore it is a place to live.<br /><br />Irene, a local resident, said: "We have a good neighbor, peace and not noisy. Why? Man makes your dream. I took it away was not, but believes that such people are provided with housing.<br /><br />Accommodation powers - under marked "Secret"<br /><br />State residence in Koncha Zaspa government cares about the President. According to official figures, every year they spent 2 billion USD. But to answer your query of material Radio Liberty, whose legal basis for Yushchenko continues to live in government houses, in the spirit abandoned.<br /><br />Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Anna Herman recently declared that Yushchenko, like all former presidents, has the right to remain living in the state residence and that the tradition of the country.<br /><br />Former ally of Viktor Yushchenko, BYuT MP, chairman of the opposition government Sergey Sobolev not exclude that between Yushchenko and Yanukovych, and generally between former and current senior operating service agreements to transfer housing to private ownership.<br /><br />"This is regulated by government regulations, they are labeled" secret ". It is immoral when giving pryvatyzovuvalysya first, but now high-ranking just keeps them for himself. Much poryadnishe commit those who do not take public houses ", - said Sobolev.<br /><br />Agrees with this and ex-defense minister in the government and Yekhanurov, Yushchenko's former adviser Anatoly Gritsenko.<br /><br />"Yushchenko claimed the highest authority in society. And was the usual cheapskate who tries to retain this residence. Although it is a place to live ", - says Anatoly Gritsenko and mentions all the same estates in New Bezradichi<br /><br />Yushchenko may become the first Ukrainian president, who is not appropriated for public housing units<br /><br />Press Secretary Iryna Vannikova Viktor Yushchenko said that the residence of ex-President in the government giving a completely legitimate. She said that the excitement around this issue forced artificially.<br /><br />"We have the example of President Kuchma and Kravchuk, who perpetually live in Koncha Zaspa. In addition, Viktor Yushchenko is not going to live in residence life. The scandal, which rozdmuhuyetsya - is planned sneer. The affected by the most painful - for the family. Note Yushchenko live there quite legitimately: is a decree of Victor Yanukovych.<br /><br />Radio Liberty did not find such a decree on the official site of the current owner bank.<br /><br />Meanwhile, Irina Vannikova stresses that Victor Yushchenko will leave the state by the end of summer house this year after a repair in his private house in the village of New Bezradichi.<br /><br />Eugene Solonina<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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