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01.02.2011 16:20
Articles about real estate | Youth Building - land and credit Despite the fact that the Mykolaiv region traditionally holds leading positions in Ukraine in terms of lending of the youth housing, the problem of young families with their own housing still far from solution.

Judge for yourself. In 2009, received 20 loans amounting to 5.313 million hryvnia, which the young family purchased 1,366 square meters of housing.

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Last year the state financing for the construction of the youth program was provided in an amount exceeding 15 million hryvnia. Indeed, the growth is impressive. Special thanks for this should tell the local budgets, funding for which is to state the criterion and a measure of the amount of self support for this program.

It would seem, can rest on our laurels, because the Mykolaiv region on these indicators has become a leader of Ukraine, far ahead of its nearest neighbors by geography - Kherson and Odessa area.

However, apart from absolute figures and indicators, there are relative, ie a comparison of the waiting list and the lucky owners of new homes.

This analysis, by contrast, suggests that the problem of housing for young people is still far from being solved, so the construction of the cottage with the help of government support still belongs to the category of fiction.

As of 01.07. 2010 in the area for youth credit standing 772 candidates, while the share of districts had a total of 51 families. If we divide this figure by 20 apartments, obtained in 2009, we get "only" 38.6 years, which should last stand in a waiting list to get a welcome home. If we make a similar calculation for a record amount of funding in 2010, the result will be more optimistic - about 13 years.

However, we can not say: "time stop", so many of those who now stands in line after a dozen years will no longer correspond to the "youth" censorship of the program, along with the hopes of losing all chances for housing at preferential credit facilities .

What they will do? After the construction of houses and flats today, and tomorrow you can lead only by commercial loans, under which required substantial bail, and for which are taken is not "youth" of interest.

Probably should analyze the structure of the cost of housing, the resulting young families. Surely it is far from the social level. No, we do not call to oblige builders to work at a loss, however, the local authority can direct funding of youth development in a more cost-effective channel.

To do this, provide a youth construction unused land reserve in the suburbs or nearby to Nikolaev regional centers on long-term lease and bring to the construction contractors who are able to build affordable and quality housing by streamlining the production process and use of new materials and technologies.
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