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Studying Feng Shui, many underestimate the role of landscape in the organization of space, and yet natural elements can change many of the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the atmosphere rooms. The numerous plots, which I had to see for their practices are similar to each other as twin brothers: square rectilinear forms, simple set of plants and the direct path, crossing the entire plot. The good news is that modern man no longer attract urban landscape, and many are trying to move to live outside the city. Of course, not everyone can afford a luxury mansion with acres of land, but on a standard 6-10 hundred parts can create a harmonious garden composition, which will please your eyes and enjoy the soul master.

If you plot should avoid proximity to wetlands, cemeteries, power lines, can not live in close proximity to the chapel or church. In Russia, the church has always built on a hill away from the houses. The chimes in this case extends far into the distance. Scientists have confirmed that during an epidemic area, which were covered by the sound of a bell, are bactericidal and energy clearing.

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The first rule - the site should harmoniously complement the house. Second - the use of smooth lines, in order to balance the angles of buildings and structures created by man. In nature there are no straight lines and square shapes. Natural line fluid and smooth.

To my story was more clear, it will illustrate the example of one of the designs of houses, which I had to develop. The first figure shows what happened before, in the second, the evolution of land after the harmonization and the reorganization of space. Figure consolidation and all the small parts are removed, but the concept, I hope is understandable.

Feng Shui preferred winding paths, round beds and irregularly shaped fields, lawns and lawns. Trails should be located, so that each turn opened my eyes to a new song. By selecting the material for the track (this can be brick, gravel, stone or concrete) must ensure that it is combined with the architectural style of the house. The material should be durable, practical. Paths of gravel are considered to be unfavorable, as it is considered that they are the source of Sha.

A good plant for planting along the tracks are the hydrangeas and roses. The organization of this space a significant disadvantage was that the ground level in front of the site was significantly lower than the rear. This is somewhat worsened the energy situation at home. Front of the house, I recommend is a small small fountain. Despite the fact that feng shui does not welcome the geometric shapes, in this exceptional case was the need to use precious stones. The space in front of the house is not very wide, so it should lay out the tiles and between tiles to plant soil-covering plants. They revive the facade of the house and bring more positive energy. Behind the house made a small rock gardens. To support the favorable mountain star, which brings harmony in family relations.

According to the Chinese natural philosophy garden - this is the dream of a long and happy life. For the Chinese, longevity and happiness has a deeper philosophical meaning, in contrast to Western skeptic. Thus, many details of a Chinese garden filled with symbolism and profound meaning. The most important rule in creating the landscape - is a natural. Garden necessary to equip such a way that was not clear that all this is done by human hands. The closer to a natural forms, the better. The more Chi will hover around your home. Qi - is the positive energy that fills the life force, all that surrounds us. This subtle energy is emitted by all objects and plants. Task wizard - to feel the movement of Qi and direct it in the right direction for the benefit of man. Enormous amount of energy saturates the space waterbody. A small pond, a waterfall, a small fountain serve not only as an ornament, but create a favorable climate and an attraction to the house of prosperity. Do not water bodies make a rectangular or square shape. The square pool can lead to ruin.

And here is a pond of irregular shape, is favorable, if located in the south-west, as if symbolically "covering" the house. In this case, the pool is located in the northern part of the garden. This is justified by a favorable aquatic stars, which with the help of outside makeup will work in full force. Well, if a part is possible to create a stream, flowing into the pond to the east. Golden fishes (eg carp) symbolize money, they are very often used for feng shui. Colour plays a minor role, but the plants should be planted in the light of the change of seasons, to your garden at any time of year was beautiful, filled with a variety of colors and a feast for the eyes.

At the heart of Chinese natural philosophy is the theory of five elements that govern the laws of nature - fire, earth, metal, water and wood. When all the elements are in harmonious interaction, born Qi. Do not saturate the garden, an abundance of colors. From this tired eyes, and people quickly get tired. It is best to use color spots. For example, on the north-west among the verdant shade-shrubs can be planted chrysanthemums or camomile. To make it clear, I cite the table, which reflects a brief description of characters and color definitions of each element.

A house should fit into the landscape environment. And with the help of business and additional buildings needed to balance the four corners of the garden. Most often it is the south-east, southwest, northwest and north-east. But we must not forget that the form and external finishing of construction must conform to the principle of harmonious interaction between the five elements. For example, in south-eastern part of the perfect cut up a house for guests or bath. An essential element of recharge Earth have fragrant flowers and plants. Aromas of flowers enhance the quality of Qi and a garden filled with the energy of life. Most often used for these purposes honeysuckle, lilac and jasmine. And such as lotus flowers, lavender, lilies, sweet peas and roses are the generators of positive energy Chi.

In many cultures, colors were attributed to the amazing properties. For example, in Russia it was thought that the colors of the hidden souls of children, they come out when the baby is born. Therefore, Slavic folklore is saturated with images of flowers: open flower of rue, bell or other flower can help save a couple of infertility. Periwinkle in the language of flowers mean love and marriage bonds. Marigolds - fidelity and immortality. Hawthorn protects chastity and is a symbol of purity and virginity. Jasmine - a symbol of femininity, grace and benevolence. Iris - a symbol of peace and tranquility. It is also called "signs of the rainbow" on Earth. Kalina - a symbol of the Slavic peoples of youth, virginity, fun. He was called the wedding and a tree of white flowers woven wedding wreaths. Calendula - solar flower in Russia, in China - a symbol of longevity, while in India - a symbol of the deity Krishna. Peony - a symbol of masculinity, power, luck, wealth, youth and happiness. China is considered the flower of emperors, since, according to legend, it has not touched any insects other than bees. Sunflower - a symbol of long life and commitment to the Sun. Ruta - a magic flower in the Ukraine, who attributed many healing and miraculous properties. It was used in the preparation privorotnogo potions. Viola - a symbol of modesty. Chrysanthemum - peace, abundance and happiness.

In addition to the symbolic value of the plant divided by the dominance of energy. Active Jansky energy have bamboo, cherry, chrysanthemum, orchid, peony, willow. For plants with the Yin energy include apricot, jasmine, magnolia, pear, rhododendron, rose. I would also like to dwell on the use of barriers and fences. In front of the house fence should not be above the lower level windows on the first floor. With the other three parties can be a high fence, but not higher than 1,8 meters. Too high a fence leads to depression. Plants must be in harmony with the surrounding terrain.

And the choice of trees should be addressed seriously and consider every detail. Do not abuse the fruit trees. Of course, in the spring, they will fill your garden blooming beauty and fragrance, but the autumn will bring a lot of trouble to harvest. Fruit plants shall be such amount that your family was in our power to collect fruits, otherwise they will fall, rot and deteriorate Chi Garden. The trees should grow naturally. In group plantings should be an odd number of trees.

Representatives of conifers should be planted in solitude. In nature plants are rarely sick, and insects harmful to them is less than cultivated plants. Plants should be selected so that trees, shrubs and perennial grasses, provide each other mutual support. There are compatible and incompatible plant. Basil and garlic to protect tomatoes from pests. Strawberries are well planted next to beets. Roses will be less sick, if there is growing garlic. Tlyu deters dill, and Colorado beetles - onions and dandelions. In traditional Chinese gardens must have trees of happiness. Plum, peach, weeping willows, they symbolize Jansk? energy. Very popular poplar, magnolia and banana trees. Chinese garden is not overloaded with variegated color of its coloration is very discreet. Emphasis is placed on the form of plants and play of light and shadow. In the Chinese garden, you will not find classic British grass lawns, as it contradicts the principles of natural gas. The space must not be empty, but if you want to plant a lawn, it is better to give preference to forbs with wild flowers. As you can see, the world of plants and natural forms opens up a rich field for the realization of your fantasies and experiments.

Be happy in your garden!


Master Feng Shui Elena Vardimiadi

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