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27.06.2011 08:02
Articles about real estate | Your Dream Home The question: "Are you satisfied with their homes?" - The majority of readers will respond negatively. Someone has it and there - some, of their own - many housing is removed, living in dormitories or with their parents. Someone is not satisfied with its size - the area, number of rooms. You do not like bad planning.

Often poorly oriented flat - in some rooms never looks into the sun, but in others it is impossible to hide from his hot light. Tortured drafts - not stuffed as the gap in the frames, anyway - is blowing.

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The apartment is too dry (or vice versa - too humid) air. The walls of the house is not keeping you warm in the winter it is cold, and summer - hot, a lot of electricity, and therefore - money - is spent on heating and ventilation. After all, the battery life - barely warm. And the hot water turned off regularly. And the elevator is constantly broken. And a child to walk anywhere. And these neighbors from the top - enough that in ten years thirty times have filled in, even at night and make noise on a regular basis ...
So to answer the tenants comfortable apartments. And the owners of private houses - their complaints. In general - the lack of amenities - a warm toilet, running water (hot water), shower-bath. At the annual problem of firewood or charcoal (if the house is large or oven "hot" - not impossible to satiate.) The fact that such a house requires constant care, concern, attention (ie - a lot of time owners). This home will not leave without a "doglyada" - especially in winter, can separate from him even for a few days.
Is it possible to build their own accommodation, combining the advantages of a city apartment and a favorable microclimate and "independence" of an individual house? If you imagine the cost of summing up the communications (sewerage and heating), such housing is not affordable for the majority of our countrymen.
And if you make a house that is so good, "keep warm", that would not need additional heating? In which, in a warm closet, there would be no outside sewage system and treatment, and waste would be turned into "income"? That would be constructed from environmentally friendly materials, but not removed from the wild? So that "fit" to a natural environment that is not opposed to it, and preserved and even restored? The house, which at low cost would require a minimum expenditure of time and money on their content?
And such a dream home, eco home, "home of homes," Ecohouse, you can build right now - and built these homes around the world.
If you decide to build just such a house, then this book will be a good tool you will avoid errors in the construction of a right to frame their demands for the designer and builders.
So, what is - the environmental housing? This - the friendly environment, comfortable, very warm individual or semi-detached house with garden plots. Green Buildings are equipped with its own heating system that uses, in addition to the normal, solar heating and solar home heating water for domestic use. All organic waste in eco simplest bioreactors are processed into fertilizer and used on the plot.
Thanks EcoHouse you independent of an impending energy crisis, rising prices for housing and utilities, you will be provided with quality food.
During the construction of eco possible harm to the environment is minimized. And at its operation in the maximum improvement of the environment. The criteria for load (harm) on the environment are the amount of energy withdrawn from the nature of non-renewable energy resources in the form and consumed the whole house (including the energy used to produce the materials, their manufacture, transportation, construction and subsequent dismantling and recycling, as well as the amount of harmful emissions in the environment that accompanies these processes).
Much of what is described in this book is widely used in other countries and here in Russia. Not all of the foreign equipment, we can effectively use in our homes, because it is designed for more than a mild climate. But to build a warm house - the foundation of any eco - we can now. It is important to only consider the design of the equipment that will be gradually established in a warm house, thus turning it into Ecohouse. 
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