Year of the White Rabbit: How to prepare for the meeting of 2011?

30.12.2010 00:18
Articles about real estate | Year of the White Rabbit: How to prepare for the meeting of 2011? Before you begin a story about preparing the house for a meeting, the White Rabbit, we will answer the question of when to meet him. And if you think that the answer is simple and straightforward, for example, on the night of December 31 to January 1 or after the fashion of last year, February 14, you are mistaken. Present Chinese animal comes to us on the night of February 3.

So the answer to the question of "when" to move on to more pressing "how." To understand this we must turn to the point (who in fact this hurrying us the White Rabbit), not dumping a bunch of idle speculation and misconceptions about him as a purely domestic, cowardly and prolific little animals.

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White rabbit - it will not mute furry mammal, shaking from a hint of danger. None. Firstly, it's not really a rabbit.

If you remember the story of the Tiger - our with you all the more topical Zodiac Explorer by time and space, you probably remember, and some weirdness associated with it. Tiger Tiger is he, but at the same time also a man. At least, the ancient Chinese in this absolutely certain. But the rabbit - he was a cat (not counting the hare), and that much of his behavior is explained.

Prudence, pragmatism, intelligence, nepotism - not all the features that characterize the rabbit-cat. According to Chinese and Japanese legends, the animals at night and the moon, and like all born at night, may have a supernatural power is not the good kind.

In contrast to the rat or the same tiger, a cat and a rabbit is clearly not the most loved Chinese animals, though, and bringing good luck, if we have to approach them. And the "metallicity" somewhat ennobled ... But this should not deceive ourselves. So we have a lot of work to placate and to bring our guests in a comfortable mood.

Than this can help our home? The first step is to remove the housing to the state if not sterile, then something suspiciously resembling it. In the love of cleanliness and order of the white rabbit is almost no different from the last white tiger. But cleaning should be done not spontaneously but by a clear plan. Despite its nature chtonic kotokrolik - beast extremely pedantic and prefers chaos organization. Only a person acting in a deliberate and developed methods can hope to find the location of our cautious beast.

As part of the interior decorations today rabbit differs little from last year's Tiger. The benefit of metal animals are susceptible to white and yellow, and most of all for jewelry that glitters. Remember, what you cleaned the apartment for the past New Year, and repeat the same thing.

The only difference - a green color. He did not play any role in the interior of the last New Year's holiday, but the rabbit preferences for some reason on his side. So say the ancient Chinese sages.

However, the Chinese themselves (at least that part of them, which adheres to the ancient traditions) will greet the New Year (as well as all the previous ones) in the red. This applies to the room decoration, and clothing. But not for love of rabbits, and fear of an entirely different creature. We once wrote about the origins of this tradition, but I allow myself to brief them about the recall. It's all about the monster Nian. This pernicious creature crawl spaces under the Chinese New Year and strive to eat not only careless travelers, but also all that he had met on the road. And there was not enough of it, nor hedges, until she ran into a village wedding.

Wedding in China began to celebrate in the red long before the color became a symbol of the New Year. It was then, empirically, the Chinese have understood: red - salvation. Voracious Nian not only ate the groom, the bride, relatives and guests, but shamefully fled, and buried a long time. The trick is that Nian is elementary not stomach red - neither literally nor figuratively.

The Chinese, as you know, people wise. Comes to them nannies, does not come to him Nian - it does not matter: poosterechsya never hurts. Here they celebrate New Year in the red. Just in case. A successive zodiacal animals do not get offended and take the Chinese for what they have (and in fact what they are).

Not the fact that the Chinese animals as favorable to the Russians, but Nian in our area have not yet seen. It might be better to succumb to impulse to please the rabbit and get to meet him in a white or green. But maybe not. Who knows. But what exactly should be - is put under the tree bunch carrots, and a metal plate on the table with apples, to give maximum comfort svezhevychischennomu home and invite guests. The cat, the rabbit - a companionable animals and appreciate this gesture.

But when it's done: on the night of January 1 or after a month - you decide.
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