Yatsuba: «Housing is not a headache»

23.09.2010 09:00
Articles about real estate | Yatsuba: «Housing is not a headache» Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine Vladimir Yatsuba took part in an expanded meeting on questions of the organization serving the exhibition "Building materials and technology and low-rise, individual and cottage construction, which will begin its work on areas of the National Complex" Expocentre of Ukraine ".

Organizers of the exhibition, namely, representatives Minregionstroya Association "Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of building materials and products, the National Complex" Expocentre of Ukraine "presented to representatives of construction companies - potential participants of the exhibition - the plan of building and construction sites of exhibition facilities.

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Vladimir Yatsuba reported that the number of companies who wish to participate in the project and the level of their proposed technology enables extensive light and show the practical benefits of new developments in housing: "The level of the project will help us not only to demonstrate the new building solutions that reduce the price building without compromising the quality and safety of constructed facilities, but also allow developers and citizens to compare virtually all the proposed options and come to their own conclusions about their prospects and competitiveness. "

Head of the Ministry stressed that the visitors will be able to get the most competent and detailed comments of specialists on each element of the constructed structures. To convince the Minister, "it is useful to private developers. I once again emphasize that the state should maximize the present owners, who take responsibility for the construction of a building for his family. I want those people on the ground is not an obstacle, and vice versa - as promoted. "

At the same time, according to Vladimir Yatsuba, the exhibition must demonstrate that housing construction - this is not the headache of the customer, and teamwork of professionals supported by authorized representatives of the government. According to him, choosing the optimal model of the building and, if necessary, by making the necessary changes, exhibition visitors will be able to retrain as simply a buyer, ordering chosen for the construction of a house on the site.

"We have no problems with new technologies. The Ministry contributes most to these processes and provides all necessary support for their early use in the construction business. But we have a credibility problem - appreciating every penny, people are not rushing to invest in unfamiliar technology. Our task - to bring these technologies to the consumer. And I am convinced that through this exhibition, which is already in the planning stage and interested producers and buyers, we will fulfill this task, "- noted the Minister.

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