Yanukovych argues that the land market will make Ukrainians richer

08.07.2011 16:34
Articles about real estate | Yanukovych argues that the land market will make Ukrainians richer Viktor Yanukovych has said that the rejection of the land market would deprive Ukraine prospects in the future. The President noted that while the country will not be carried out land reform, corruption and shadow privatization of land can not be beat, said "LigaBusinessInform."

"It so happened that Ukraine has the best land in the world, has a great human potential - a third of the population, about 15 million people have lived in the villages. The systems approach to the issue of agriculture will enable us to remove all the issues in this sector. The main thing is that we need to do - to pass laws on land reform, "- said Yanukovych.

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He assured reporters that the establishment of a land market, which is scheduled to begin operations until early 2012, will address many issues in the land sector. "What gives us the land market? First - it's efficient use of land resources, and secondly - the earth will become a resource that can lay in obtaining credit, the third - the owners of land shares will finally be able to lease or sell them at a good price "- the president said.

Yanukovych also said that the development of the land reform was possible for foreigners to sell the land and legal entities.

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