Woo flat: how to quickly find a reliable tenant

09.12.2010 12:30
Apartment which the landlord wants to rent out, is like the bride of marriageable age. If the rented accommodation carefully prihoroshit, renovate, furnish furniture, you see, will benefit "marry off", that is, and the price it has paid off, and quickly find tenants. Let's see what points need to consider the owner, if he wants to quickly and permanently to rent an apartment for rent.<br /><strong><br />Through the eyes of the tenant<br /></strong><br />In preparing the apartments for renting out a lot of nuances into account. But property owners should begin with the following: look at my apartment through the eyes of the tenant. "Choosing a home, people are usually guided by several key criteria: the location of the house, build quality, footage and condition of the apartment, number of rooms.<br /><br />But if you change the location of the house is not possible, then the impression of the apartments and houses can always be better "- says Svetlana Gabueva, deputy director of the Moscow real estate agency."<br /><br />First of all expert advice to make clean, get rid of superfluous things, and if the apartment is densely crowded, even on some furniture. Spacious apartment always produces a more favorable impression. The next step, which increases the liquidity of housing - it's repair. There is no need plank oak flooring or a ceiling mount multi-level, enough to make cosmetic repairs. The main thing is that the apartment looked clean and tidy. However, you should pay attention to the color of wallpaper: a bright and colorful drawings better to prefer light colors that visually increases the size of the rooms.<br /><br />As a rule, women attach great importance to the kitchen. If it is large, this will be a weighty advantage when choosing housing tenants. If the kitchen is small, 6.8 square meters. m, the property owner should try to make it look cozy. Help in this will be additional lighting and lovely curtains. "If the kitchen geyser, it makes sense to change it to a modern boiler. In the future this can be thought of as dignity (no break in the hot water supply), "- notes Svetlana Gabueva.<br /><br />According to Victoria, Opole, head of rental accommodation companies Blackwood, cosmetic repairs needed when the apartment tenants are already living and it is noticeable to others (scratches, stains on the walls, damage to doors, shabby furniture, etc.).<br /><br />Renovated apartments are in great demand as a sense of novelty to the tenant is very important. Experts advise to refresh the walls and floors, to make general cleaning, including window washing, dry cleaning of curtains, carpets and furniture (if any). In addition, remove all personal and valuable things that the apartment was not cluttered and the client got the feeling that here we can immediately enter and live.<br /><br />The owner of property to rental housing should be verifiable by all utilities and equipment in the room. "If it's an inexpensive apartment in a pre-fabricated house, you should check that never was damaged electrical wiring, so as not to spark a desk lamp, not burned out microwave oven, there were no problems with fixed line telephone - lists Vadim Lamin, director of leasing luxury apartments of Penny Lane Realty.<br /><br />- If it's flat business-class or elite, then you must make sure that the air conditioning did not end with freon, which operate temperature control of floor heating and switching modes of water supply and air in the hot tub. It is also necessary to pay off debts for telephone and utilities.<br /><strong><br />The furniture in the set-off</strong><br /><br />Unfortunately, property owners often neglect expert advice. Here are a couple of stories. In a one-bedroom apartments offered for rent, has been renovated in the bathroom and the kitchen is very pleased to future tenants. But the look of a room of their biggest disappointment: it was tightly crowded with furniture and repair it did forty years. And the furniture was so old that it came from a sharp odor. All shelves racks were filled with books.<br /><br />At the request of clients and realtors to remove at least part of the furniture and books hostess refused, explaining it by the fact that this furniture it does not need even to the country, because it has everything a modern and new, and throw it all in the trash, including book, her pity. As a result, not only to those customers, but also follow from the transaction refused.<br /><br />Very often, homeowners do not want to take out of the flat personal belongings. For example, one lady insisted that it remained in the kitchen utensils in cabinets, and various figures of bunnies, horses, pigs, which she once collected, as well as a teddy bear, which is dear to her. Another proprietress was not willing for the sake of the tenants of the apartment to take out not only his clothes, which hung in the hallway, and even family pictures hung on the walls. And it's not isolated cases in the segment of economy class.<br /><br />However, more adequate in terms of domestic hosts are always going to negotiate with the employer. When choosing an apartment is often a client requests to purchase furniture or replace any items. Owners agree to it if replacement / purchase, in their opinion, reasonable. Although many of them specifically not subject the apartment completely, so that the client himself bought additional fact that he needs. The cost of furniture can be credited with paying rent for an apartment. "However, if the lease is no clause on the replacement of old furniture, the claim that the employer can not: it has no legal basis", - underlines Vadim Lamin.<br /><br />Generally, with regard to furniture, the room should at least be a TV set, sofa or bed, a wardrobe. If there will be a chair, a table for a computer, a small chest of drawers, it will certainly add to the attractiveness of housing in the eyes of the tenant. In the kitchen a good idea to place drying for dishes, a couple of lockers, where the guest would be able to expand the kitchen utensils. As household appliances must have a refrigerator and washing machine.<br /><br />In addition, it is best to take care in advance about where the future tenants will be able to dry clothes and to place small household items in the bathroom. Otherwise, each new tenant will improve their housing, as a result you get tired of them after the recount holes drilled in the walls.<br /><strong><br />Taboos and controversy about the bulbs</strong><br /><br />If the theater begins with a hanger, it starts with a flat entrance. Before inviting tenants to view the housing, the owner must make sure that the porch was bright and clean. And the lights should operate on the same floor as a rental apartment, and on the ground floor. In the apartment, if the inspection is carried out in the evening or on a cloudy day, experts advise that an additional light fixtures, as well-lit room evokes positive emotions.<br /><br />And to ensure the future of the guest the impression of comfort, you can go to the trick: either bake a cake before his arrival, then the apartment will be filled with the aroma of fresh baking, or peel oranges or tangerines, the aroma of which also contributes to the mood. In short, marketing "chips" that are used by many supermarkets to increase sales, in this case, too, are appropriate.<br /><strong><br />However, there is somewhat taboo, which is to remember the owner of the property.</strong><br /><br />According to Svetlana Gabuevoy, apartment owner should choose a few advantages to which he will pay attention to future tenants, but in no case be "overpraise" housing, because the overabundance of information can ruin the impression.<br /><br />Victoria Opole advice in any case not to tell the negative stories about the apartment, for example, that the neighbors are always noisy, that the house can not drive due to traffic jams that the local area regularly steal cars, etc. Do not is too active to tell us how you care for the property and a very flat, that you had tenants, but you have them evicted, because they are not careful with her. In this case, the customer will feel that the owner will always come and monitor the status of residence "- said the expert.<br /><br />It is only logical to consider tenant as a hotel: If suddenly burned out light bulb or a broken phone, then all these problems must address the owner of the apartment. In practice is not quite true. "Most of the organizational issues with the challenge of electricians and plumbers, the employer decides, and he also calculated for the services performed. But with mutual landlord returns the amount spent, or subtracts it from the rent "- gives the example of Vadim Lamin.<br /><br />However, if the problem was caused by negligence or a tenant, then the challenge and the work of specialists will be paid by himself. Oh, and consumables such as bulbs, the tenant also change their own: it is faster and more convenient.<br /><br />In the segment of luxury rentals are often the owner hires someone to come and keep house in excellent condition. By the way, if you rent an elite apartment with good repair, the homeowners may at its own expense make and repair the entrance. In addition, the owner of real estate may convey an apartment estate agency in trust. Then everything will worry specialists. However, in the economy class such service has not yet taken root.<br /><strong><br />Customers running the show?</strong><br /><br />All of this suggests that only an elite segment of the rental market is closer to European standards. But the mentality of homeowners economy class is far from "high matters". The main problem of the Russian market rent, according to Vadim Lamin, the fact that 70% of the market in the shadows. "In developed countries, this situation is unthinkable: the owners of rental apartments regularly show them as a source of additional income and pay taxes. In our country, accounting amenable only the tip of the iceberg: flat business-class and elite, "- said the expert.<br /><br />In his opinion, it is possible that in the elite segment in the near future we will see a sharp increase in demand for rental apartments. This is explained by the fact that in modern humans is changing attitudes to housing: they prefer to be free, do not want to be tied to one place. In addition, renting is often more profitable to buy an apartment.<br /><br />"Take for illustration an apartment worth $ 1 million commission realtor 4-5% of transaction amount, that is, in our case, the buyer must pay $ 40-50 thousand just for the service. But this money can be at least eighteen months to live peacefully in a rented apartment on the same level. And for a million dollars you can rent the apartment for 30 years.<br /><br />At the same time we must not forget that a free million dollars can be invested in the business and within 30 years to multiply it by at least three. If the apartment itself is always more expensive, as in 2008, then would be worth considering: buying or renting. But this growth has not and will not, so for many the choice is clear: only the rent "- believes Vadim Lamin.<br /><br />Compared with the pre-crisis period in the rental market today there are fewer customers, thus established a balance: a pronounced advantage is not present at the apartment owners nor tenants. That is running the show then some, others: when the demand for rental apartments is reduced, the owners have become more accommodating, and vice versa.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br /> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8426615393746993"; /* 468x60широкий */ google_ad_slot = "0633076384"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //--> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> </script>
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