Women are interested in buying more land men

05.03.2011 16:25
Initial calls about the purchase of land often comes from women, whereas the transaction, as a rule, are the stronger sex.

About 55% of all calls from potential clients on the purchase of plots came from women, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the study of one of the developers. "With regard to exit the deal, about 85% of the land acquired by the man's name or in joint ownership between men and women. And about 15% of the purchase and sale transactions are concluded with the fair sex ", - experts state.

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According to analysts, the women gather information and arrange for viewing, in financial matters a key role for men. "Men are primarily interested in the legal and technical characteristics of the land. They primarily collect information about the status of documents on the site, the technical specifications for summarizing communications, timing of construction, access roads, - the report says.

In addition, experts say that women when choosing a site are more cautious, they insist on buying a plot at a higher stage of readiness, despite the fact that the price increases significantly. Also, women are more attentive to the surroundings of the village, is important to them the existence of forests, rivers, infrastructure and quality of the soil plot.

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