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25.11.2010 09:25
Articles about real estate | Without the costume in villages without a contract We are interested in the land, since the main problem of a country house - the problem of the earth, its status and price.

At the moment the situation is that the vast majority of free land - agricultural land. On it you can build even Versailles. But this will not be able to register Versailles, and in case of seizure under the state needs, receive for his compensation at the price of a greenhouse.

It is clear that the site for private habitation is just 8-10 more than the agricultural land of the same size. Because the land is sold for private habitation in small retail (eg four weave a townhouse), and agricultural land bought up by large wholesale tens to hundreds of hectares. Of course, such an incredible margin does not happen: have to share. System is thoroughly corrupt.

It would seem that there is a solution: simply remove these labels - "agricultural land" "land for private habitation" - and an end to corruption. Such proposals sound for ten years, but there is a strong argument against it. With the dacha is clear: come okuchil potatoes and left, but housing - this is serious. Constitutional duty of the authorities to ensure citizens a decent standard of living has not been canceled.

Yes, corruption was living away, but who and from what sources will provide new makeshift settlements arising engineering and social infrastructure - roads, schools, hospitals? Even if we assume that a resident of a cottage settlement of business-class will lead children to a nearby village school and then will turn to a dentist in the local dispensary.

Cunning argument about the poor and unfortunate municipal infrastructure visible to the naked eye. Problem solved tax reform - to change the distribution of the tax so that much of the estate tax would remain in the local budget, but did not go to the federal. Make it so that local authorities were happy to provide new tenants of these notorious school-hospitals. Of course, have to seriously expand and powers of local authorities in the public sector.

Go to such revolutionary measures of the power they could not. So instead of all these "difficulties" with attempts to interest regional and local authorities in the development of low-rise building was a "simple" solution that effectively prohibit private habitation outside the settlements. Ministry of Regional Development has prepared a bill that dramatically complicates transfer of agricultural land in private habitation. New law requires real estate developers in the translation of land in the "residential" category to do a comprehensive development area, to provide her with all kinds of infrastructure - in the fullest sense a populated area. In the opinion of legislators, it should cut the ground from under the feet of land speculators.

Naturally, he knocks. Since now the main part of the said 8-10-fold margin between the cost of agricultural land and the cost of land for private habitation will get officials give permission. In terms of - sovereign's eye determine whether enough complex developer okuchil their territory, to allow him to build the village. The good old practice of Russian cities, which previously avoided the side of the sphere of construction on agricultural land. Such a spoon - and past the mouth. It's a shame.

It is assumed that the law will be passed and signed by the president in January 2011 and will enter into force after a four-year transitional period - in January 2015. Construction permit will receive and individual customer site without a contract for the construction of homes. How to be separately taken citizen "comprehensively develop the territory, it is not clear. But only at first glance.

This is where we return to our villages. The fact is that when you buy land without a contract, you buy it in the subject - he is a nobody and his name is in any way. It does not bear any responsibility to you. According to the documents, you get yourself a small piece of agricultural land. That is, find yourself on the hook for the banal mediator who can help you further with the transfer of land to individual house building and supply of communications. But may not help.

Obviously help. And it is not clear, however, that "aid" would require additional investment on your part. And each time the refusal of aid will mean the loss of all that you have already paid earlier. Since its primary margin wholesale buyer of these acres have already received. Of course, any changes in terms of cooperation from government agencies and companies for a monopoly, providing communications, will also be automatically passed on to your shoulders.

More colorful pictures in some cottage settlements with the contract. With unique architectural style of any European country, with great (promised), social infrastructure and with such an innovative employment prospects of young families that Skolkovo nervously smokes on the sidelines.

And you do not cheat! Project Owner says directly in the ether of information and advertising broadcast: "If we had built on land where necessary construction permits and hard administrative resources, the cost would be 50% higher. No permission and, horror of horrors, rigid administrative resources are not. But there are ads townhouse less than a million rubles. In the sales office revealed that less than a million - is no communication, that somewhere "along the border." With communications - nearly half. What will agree, if not a fairy tale, it is still a fantasy.

Thus, the first contract and the first tranche, you are requested to pay half a million for the right property for four hundred square meters of agricultural land. A second contract and the second tranche - half a million for a house that you build for a month at one of these ares.

The question arises: why give the developer to build the house of the margin, already received from the sale of your land? Why would he even on something to splurge? After all, it is clear that to build a townhouse (100 sq. M) for half a million - no-WHO-can-no! You are already on the hook. Your four hundred square meters of agricultural use for half a million - is nothing without further expenditure.

But the build! That is, either build what you can not live or build for more money. To the question whether it is possible simultaneously to conclude two treaties, the sales department of the company answered that it is even encouraged. However, in this case, you want to see what you build. And a request to show the detailed building design and cost estimates, you will answer that definitely show. As soon as they someone will return. But there is an image layouts on the site, is not it?

Some clarity contributes information to the project: "the foundation - precast", "exterior walls - aerated concrete", "exterior finish - plaster, paint." Type of foundation allows him to adjust to the construction of any price and quality. Aerated concrete blocks have good insulation, but only if they, in turn, is well isolated from moisture. Questions, provides a waterproof alternative other than "plaster, paint and how much it will cost, the consultants were unable to answer. Surprisingly, it is still an open question, and insulation (warm and dry) cars. Guess it was only "in principle": One of your three hundred parts - before the house. And it also hooks.

But the interesting thing - the next stage: The third contract, and the third tranche (half a million, as mentioned above) - Communications. You explain that it is necessary to combine ... with the first stage (contract tranche). And then the work just comes to a boil, because this treaty "progarantirovan" in every way possible.

True, too, find the contract failed. But in the end reproduce it from memory. If the contract is not executed by, the money is refunded within two months. Do you think this will save you - the host porous concrete "box" in an open field? But recognition of the project owner in the absence of a rigid administrative resource is filled with ominous meaning. Man admits frankly: do not knock you for communication - will return the money and wash your hands. On the other hand, where not?

But that's not all! Money back in two months than after their introduction, and two months after the money is in communication will make a 80% buyers! That is not just a hook, and the real hook. Several resemble a pyramid: if you want to get your house quickly - bring a friend. To the question, 80% of home buyers - on the same street or across town, the manager thought (quite long), said: "Cluster".

Composition of communications also left questions. Found out that it is water (of course, cold), boiler (surcharge), electricity (5 kW), gas (LPG). The question hung in the air heating. No need to be advanced botanist, just to the Plants and characteristic landscape photos from the area's official website to determine what part of a future settlement is subject to waterlogging. About protivolivnevoy sanitation consultants were unable to tell. The question of "plastering, painting" aerated concrete was ignored.

And in general are tired of you. And more and more transparent hint that the first well to conclude the first contract, and then it will be easier (of course, is in my best interest) to identify and to "seek the best options for private matters." First catch for the first hook, and then, therefore, will only "particular".
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