Will the Ukrainians to the promised land?

18.05.2011 09:20
Articles about real estate | Will the Ukrainians to the promised land? Trade unions are going to find out whether it is possible in Ukraine to get land and grow his own food, as it advises the government.

UNIAN was informed about the press service of the National Forum of Trade Unions of Ukraine.

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In particular, during the experiment, "Land of the workers?" Representatives of regional organizations will write a hundred applications for each region for the land and will communicate to the public the results of their attempts to gain ground and take up the spade. "

"The prerequisites for the experiment was land reform, which is constantly announcing the members of ruling elites. The Ukrainian society is a lot of fears that as a result of "social reform" vulnerable people will be financially depleted, and then will the mass privatization of land in the interests of oligarchic groups in Ukraine and "near abroad". Although, in accordance with the law, every citizen of Ukraine has the right to receive free land, "- noted the chairman NFPU Miroslav YAKIBCHUK.

Meanwhile, the reason for the experiment, he said, were the words of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, who said that the Ukrainians have nothing to complain about their social position, and instead - "to handle a shovel and go grow their products." "Here we go and check how realistic is the incarnation of the Government's proposals", - said M. YAKIBCHUK.

As noted in the press service, this is the second social experiment NFPU. The first social experiment, during which five people from different regions of Ukraine and the different social classes lived freely for months in an amount officially recognized as a living wage in Ukraine - was held in autumn 2010.

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