Why rent a house per day?

17.06.2011 17:15
Articles about real estate | Why rent a house per day? Each of us at least once in their lives seen ads with information of this kind: "apartment for an hour" or "flat on the day."

Such ads can be seen in people with signs at the railway station or the media of questionable orientation. As a rule, conjure up a den or apartment is not the best quality. But last year a similar advertising can be seen in a decent real estate agency, only instead of "flat" and "room" will be featured "cottage", "country house". Who and for what purpose leases elite suburban real estate at night?

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The practice of lease and rental cottages and weekend houses has come to Russia from the West. In Europe, the wide practice to take castles for rent for special occasions. In Russia, at first there was a demand for houses - Finnish type - for the Christmas holidays. Sometimes the book a few rooms for a busy company is problematic: not so wide number of rooms, and besides, the price surpasses the threshold of the holidays.

Enterprising personality quickly grasped this trend and built a non-standard recreation (which is quite expensive because of the payroll service personnel), and the townships of standard cascading cheap houses. Such alternative holiday homes relished the public.

In future, this trend has been actively developed and publicized in the trade press and in a certain circle of people. Indeed, initially it is quite expensive - rent a cottage for the holidays. In 2003-2005, a similar service in the distant suburbs was published in days, subject to lease not less than 5 days, from 3 to 15 thousand rubles.

Now the situation has changed - the price of this service is not increased. Changed the criteria for assessing the leased facility, increased competition, increased range of potential clients and, most importantly, changed the real estate employment reasons.

Today, the sector expanded facilities handed over - now it's not just a simple country-style cottage with sauna and the comforts of home, but also a splendid mansion in the lock with accompanying infrastructure, and a vacation home in the Canadian tradition (windows from floor to ceiling), and German lodges - choose whatever you want. I must say that most of surrendering to rent houses are not just in scenic locations, but also in close proximity to nature, "entertainment": a lake, river, forest, where you can fish, swim, posobirat mushrooms, etc.

Transformed objects, reasons and duration of the lease. In the early 2000s, virtually all owners of such real estate being one of the conditions of the lease duration - a minimum of 5 days and now the house is possible to exploit only a day - in some cases only a day or night.

We now turn to cases in which use the services of realtors to find the desired object. There are plenty of good moments in our lives, the solemnity of which I want to emphasize especially. This anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, parties, friends, company and dozens of other celebrations. All these activities are generally distinguished by the presence of a large number of participants. And so it went sedately and with dignity, a better option than to remove a vacation home for a couple of days, you can imagine.

Usually within a few hours a feast people are divided into groups of interest. Some want to talk about abstract topics, while others are not averse to discuss global issues of life, others are eager to play a couple of pool parties, the fourth dream to walk in a natural setting. Satisfy the wishes of all in a cafe or restaurant is simply impossible. A failure to realize aspirations of the guests began to oppress the hero for the day. Rent a cottage for a minimum amount of time eliminates the problem. The fact that the cottages are divided into zones (living room, bar, billiard room, garden, sauna, etc.), so each group can choose to communicate their territory.

Rental cottages for rent addresses another limitation - dissatisfaction neighbors, if the party is supposed noisy. In a detached house this is possible because the location of the rented houses are usually chosen so that absolutely no prejudice to the interests of living together.

The cost of this option will begin with a mark of 15 thousand rubles. The limit is limitless, it all depends on the conditions that you have set for ourselves bet. But an example: a wedding this May in the cottage near the town of Dmitrov in the Moscow region in a posh house at 450 square meters with an interior of antique (the colonnade in the garden, a large pillared hall in the house, marble staircases with balustrades) if section 22 sq.m. Brac out of 30 thousand rubles per day. It is quite affordable.

Today, suburban trips are often practiced by commercial companies who are addicted psycho, and other Western practitioners of team building. There is such a thing as team building - team building. In the informal atmosphere, you can define more precisely the character traits of certain employees, which do not give a framework of administrative offices and facilities.

Psychologists have noticed that the competition and even simple communication outside the company reinforce the corporate spirit, improve the relationship between individuals and the business climate in the team as a whole. And, of course, can not be discounted health benefits, which provides rental cottages on the weekend.

For such an event can take advantage of spacious, but simple structure without glamor and pathos, which are characteristic for special occasions. This option may be the organizer of 15 thousand rubles. per day.

All this may subsequently be reflected in increasing efficiency, reducing the number of sick leaves, the emergence of new business ideas, which automatically increases the profitability of the company. And the benefits commensurate with the modest cost, which will go out to rent a cottage in the suburbs.

Rent a cottage on the day a very popular form of orders and families. Such trips outside the city contribute to strengthening the family, and therefore are often recommended by family psychologists. Believe me, a picnic, fishing or walks in the woods with the kids, a romantic dinner with his wife under the night sky a few will enliven your cell company. And life again will be filled with bright colors.

Also, such a sortie in demand by those who are tired of concrete and asphalt city. People go on a little nature to balance its tired body. To just relax and enjoy nature, this type of customers choose a comfortable vacation - a vacation home where everyone has a swimming pool, sauna, billiards, sports equipment (bicycles, skis, rackets, balls and so on).

Very often offers cottage rentals for a day or two people are big business. The last word in business etiquette was the placement of their partners are not in hotels and private homes in a high level.

First, it requires an appropriate housing status. Second, to strengthen business relationships informal communication plays an important role. And thirdly, the economic calculation - the prices in hotels rooms and solid is not much different from the rates for rental cottages. The difference in comfort level is much higher (in favor of a cottage, of course).

Not to forget about this category of tenants, as couples.

Rent romantically decorated mansion on the night - a good way to impress a girl to spend unforgettable and romantic weekends. Given the fact that this date will not much more expensive than dinner at an expensive restaurant, plus a suite at the hotel.

Rental cottages for rent - this is the best option to rest in the country without buying your own villa for those who are lazy and do not want to spend time, effort and money to support private sector clean and tidy. After all nice when you clean and smelling postelyut linens, you will be removed at home (this is especially important for women). In a rented house, no matter the cost, it will be equipped with maximum comfort, you will ensure the timely change of linen, cleanliness and comfort. These deals are "house for a day" are suitable for very busy people who sometimes think of the nature and the fact that you need to relax. And that's why renting cottages has become a great alternative for countryside recreation houses and boarding houses.

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