Why Kievites not want to live out of town?

06.04.2011 09:44
Articles about real estate | Why Kievites not want to live out of town? Lack of infrastructure and problems with transport accessibility not give city residents even think about moving to a "permanent residence" in organized well-equipped campuses. It's not even a price issue - now on the market have any suggestions for affordable apartments obladatelyamstolichnyh: if desired, they could be sold to settle in their own home. But people are not in a hurry to do it. By the conclusion reached by the suburban real estate portal www.zagorodna.com, conducting another study to clarify relations Kiev to the idea of ??living in the country permanently.

Now, when the crisis seemed to be abated, the government recalled the national projects, and in particular on the draft Affordable Housing. The emphasis in this program was on building low-rise housing. The idea is that the state assumes the construction of roads, schools, clinics, laying the necessary communications, and private companies are building houses already prepared land. Only in this case, the cost per square meter of low-rise housing can be affordable and fit into the 4000 UAH. per square meter - that this figure is called the authorities when the talk about affordable housing.

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So that really suggests: a democratic format of low-rise building will only grow with time (in fact 20 years ago we had none at all suburban market was not - except gosdach yes six hundred square meters!). And the infrastructure in the suburbs according to the time appears, and roads, and jobs. At least the opportunity to work remotely, which is very important for country people, will only expand. Whether there exist among the hardened citizens are people who would be willing to move from city to live in private houses, to nature? And under what conditions they will do it? www.zagorodna.com tried to find it in the interview process.

Kievans asked: if they would like to live in nature, in his house with a small plot of land. The largest group of respondents - 40.2% - still prefer apartment-town home. People explained their choice: to live in the city more convenient, easier, there is an infrastructure, less traffic problems, quickly get to work.

The second largest group of respondents - 29,5% (nearly one-third of respondents) - ready to move into suburban homes. Their main argument - the environment in the country better. " However, in this group said they will move to "maloetazhku" only if the towns will be infrastructure - schools, hospitals, shops with reasonable prices, etc.

Further sites were divided as follows: 20,4% are not ready to live in a cottage or a townhouse just because of the city they already have a problem; 4,5% - want to be and cottage and an apartment ("good to live in an apartment in Kiev, and weekends and holidays to come to the house outside the city and relax ") and 5.4% failed to answer.

Then, in Kiev, who want to live in a private home (remember, this is 29,5%), was asked - would they have moved from Kiev to the favorable conditions for them in suburban low-rise housing. Agreed to move to 90,9% of participants in this group, refused to - 9,1%.

Virtually all the reasons mentioned as barriers to moving out of town (troublesome, inconvenient, far from work), - one way or another relate to exactly the problems with infrastructure. Company experts "RealEkspo" has been repeatedly pointed out that there was no mass migration of city dwellers in towns unnoticed precisely because of this. The ultimate example - of school. For quality education will still have somewhere to go, and most likely - in Kiev. And school-age child is no reason to live in a cottage there. So while the suburban lifestyle can make a family with young children or vice versa - the elderly. While civilization has concentrated exclusively in large cities, a project to build low-rise housing will be stalled, and people will continue to take vacation homes exclusively as a problem.

Victor Kovalenko


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