Why buyers VIP-housing helipads?

30.01.2011 18:15
Articles about real estate | Why buyers VIP-housing helipads? In the largest cities in Europe and overseas, "a helicopter traffic has long been used not only to municipal services, and commercial entities. While in Paris the number of helicopters that are allowed to fly over the city, is 150 units, and in New York - 350. Over Moscow allowed to move only 6-8 helicopters which are used or services of DPS, or MOE. At the same time in the French capital on the roofs of houses are equipped with 104 helipads in New York about 140. In Moscow, perhaps, does not reach a dozen.

And so everything is good to start
Moscow's first skyscrapers helipads on the roofs of residential complexes in Moscow began to appear in 2001. As a rule, heliports "posted on the roofs of skyscrapers, and, most importantly, the provision was SNiPs not only as a place for a touchdown, but also as a platform for emergency evacuation. "Thus," seats "have got the LCD" Edelweiss "," Mirax Park, Krylatskaya Panorama "," Pyramid », Well House, Respect Hall,« Amber City "," Helena ", Akademdom, penthouse" Caesar "in "Scarlet sails", under the landing turntables designed roof club house at Plyushchikha, which is located in the historic center, over which the flights, in turn, is strictly prohibited - lists Aleksander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty. - But this is only the beginning, because in the framework of the capital project "New Ring of Moscow until 2015 plans to build 63 high-rise buildings, each of which shall be equipped with a helipad.

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Heliport has two Moscow-City ", one of the areas in which is placed on the roof of a 20-storey business center of the Victoria Plaza. "Helipads - adds Peter Vasyutik, Deputy Director General of Real Estate Agency Great reality, - fitted on the roofs of independent projects. Those have some high-rise buildings "Don-Story: I even remember that at the opening ceremony of the" Scarlet sails "mechanical dragonfly pointedly dropped onto the roof of the fourth case. Also on the availability of helipads in their projects have often said, and the company Inteko.

Helicopter ploschadkaChto As suburban towns, the heliports for the most part built on the elite and business class facilities with good infrastructure. Those have Knyazhye Lake and expanse in the New Riga, White Beach on Novoryazanskoye highway Monakovo and Green Cape on the Dmitrov, Moscow Sea is 105 km from Moscow to Leningrad sector.

Some helipads were constructed in the vicinity of settlements, such as airfield Bunkovo located at 37 km Novorizhskoe highway and is bordered by the villages and the Finnish village of Koltsovo. In the immediate vicinity of the villages situated and playground Angelovo Pyatnitskaya on the highway.

"In principle, - concludes Jaroslav Darusenkov, Senior Consultant, consulting and appraisal Praedium Oncor International, - development of civil aviation in the city and the region would be a logical step for the Moscow region. But until now, and in the city, and in the field there is an unofficial ban on the movement of individuals through the air, including a helicopter transport. Mechanical "dragonflies" on a regular basis can only be the first person in the country, members of MOE, DPS, and in case of emergency, some other "important" service. Although it is worth mentioning that in the Moscow city government regularly discusses the possibility of organizing a helicopter "tunnels" over the water area of the Moscow River and along the railway tracks. "

helicopter against a mirrored stenyKak experts say, placing helipads on the roofs of residential skyscrapers and business centers while playing exclusively marketing function. Indeed, the existence of the heliport was considered an excellent additional tool to promote a residential complex as a progressive and prestigious high-end facility. While affluent buyers, who by force had to acquire ownership of passenger turntable, perfectly aware that a helipad on the roof - just a PR stunt, and private "starts" from the roofs of houses over the past five years, and now you can count on one hand. And all because to obtain a permit issued by the General Staff of the Defense Ministry to land or raising the roof with high-rise, very difficult. But even if such permission is obtained, it has yet to agree on a few other state courts.

However, some far-looking developers did not think so, and heliports created with an eye on their actual use in the future. "Helipad on the roof of a residential complex, - says Alexander Zima - complicated and expensive engineering construction. It increases the estimated project cost of up to 50%. And if such is built, then you can forget about placing on the roof conservatories, playgrounds, and any other objects that may interfere with landing helicopters. Therefore, investors are unlikely to be included in the concept of such expensive infrastructure project if there was no reason to believe that Moscow is in the foreseeable future will become a city loyal to the small and ultralight aircraft.

new buildings and derevyaV the same time, the collapse of U.S. towers and the fires in high rise buildings have shown that rescue people in emergencies can come only from the air. And people who bought and buying flats and apartments in high rise buildings, the availability of the helipad is considered as complementary services, which may affect their lives. However, even in the building regulations at any high-rise buildings (over 65 meters, 30 floors) should be capable of evacuating residents from the air. Incidentally, in the West on this measure in principle insist tenants, we also still refer to it more quietly.

By the way, when you create a helipad in the suburban village of developers are also trying to attract potential buyers to its object. Although Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications Rodex Group, believes that creating a helipad for the PR settlement is not quite thought out move. For example, the speaker says, if someone is unable to pay the helicopter service, and playground itself will be empty all the time, you can easily face the discontent of inhabitants in that matter, that the territory for the internal infrastructure of the village is not thought out and not used.

boy with a toy vertoletomDa and in practice the helicopter as a means of transportation especially in demand for suburban residents do not enjoy. Villages of premium business and are mostly located near the Moscow Ring Road, so that their residents are always faster and more reliable access to the capital by car. Secondly, the rules of the Air Code of the Russian Federation is weakly focused on private transport, and the airspace over the capital and the area is still carefully controlled. "Getting permission to fly, as opposed to international standards in Russia is problematic enough, - says Olga Shirokova, director of consulting, analytics and research at Blackwood. - Yes, and the complexity of the certification of acquired transport of air equipment and obtaining the rights to manage it deters many avialyubiteley.

It would seem logical to build a heliport in the villages that are far away from Moscow. But as a rule, are objects of lower segment of the suburban real estate, which houses owned by people far from wealthy, but because the price of helicopter no less than the cost of housing in the village economy class.

pilot vertoletaTak what to say about any existing helicopter traffic over the suburbs is still difficult and too early. And if the helicopters and appears on some village, then most likely this is an exception to the rule. Either an element of luxury, because the cost of flying much higher than the cost of travel by car, even with the tubes. To the same helipad, which began to appear immediately after the Moscow Ring Road, also still need to get. Although, according to Irina Mogilatovoy, CEO of EA TWEED, helicopter message is organized in the village resort Pirogovo, which is not close enough to the distance from the capital and whose residents can not afford to only a few flights on a transport helicopter, and buying, and maintenance of their own " turntables.

Ready to fly

Still, progress in the helicopter business there. Thus, 11 March 2010 was adopted Government Decree № 138 "On approval of the federal regulations of airspace of the Russian Federation, and from November 1, the document came into force. As a result, permission to fly "slipped" to the notification procedure. "If earlier to wander over the area of small aircraft pilots are required to submit an application, - says Igor Zaugolnikov - now aviator with ID can get in the air on an airplane and helicopter an hour after the notification of the control of its route over the telephone or through Internet. "

Have been taken and new rules for amateur pilots and owners of private planes and helicopters. For the first time in our country, we introduced a class of airspace G, where you can fly without maintaining constant communication with air traffic control and did not obtain the prior approval of the flight plan. Although the pilots are extremely important to know the Moscow region and metropolitan areas on which to spin out of security concerns important state facilities is strictly prohibited.

Thus, all individuals who have already obtained a certificate of registration of the aircraft, the certificate of airworthiness and pilot certificate, it is permitted to lift helicopters from the village, equipped with a helipad, and put it into one of 20 heliports located near the Moscow Ring Road. Another issue that pilots fans in all of Russia There were not thousands, while in America "flying right" are about 450,000 owners of private helicopters and planes. But then, Rome was not built ...


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