Why brand the agency does not protect against fraud?

06.10.2010 09:02
Word of mouth and in our computer-ONLINE century remains a reliable tool for determining "what is good and what is bad." "Good" - is when someone of your friends already have experienced and competent service real estate companies and thus was satisfied. "Bad" - when dissatisfied or similar "test" in an extensive list of friends, comrades not found at all. Then the problem of choosing a realtor for a loved one will have to decide for himself. And some simple advice such as "great experience", "large company", "Famous Brand", "membership in the association of Realtors" can often play a decisive role.<br /><strong><br />Potemkin village</strong><br /><br />Let's leave aside the question of how we have above mentioned criteria, and we take as a fact: many indeed are choosing a real estate agency is on these grounds.<br /><br />Benefit of such choices is not difficult: firms with a complete set of these characteristics are on the market. And not only ours, born at the dawn of the modern real estate market and are still working on it (which in itself is something so mean), but also international, appeared in Russia recently, but having a foreign experience, counted in decades, and large the number of offices around the world.<br /><br />Not every client suspects that the specific realtors with whom he signed a contract and who will work with its housing problem may have a known brand rather indirectly. I am not referring to cases where the trademark is used illegally. On the contrary: the right to its use in the present case it is quite legitimate. Just that right now you can buy.<br /><br />Called this phenomenon is being actively promoted by a number of very well-known (and, more recently, trying to imitate them is not too well known) companies on import of manners - franchising. However, to this franchise, it has a conditional relationship.<br /><br />This franchise - a McDonald's, which transmits not only its own brand, but also a clear standard equipment of restaurants, as well as stringent requirements for visitor services, product quality and technology of their preparation. And not only transmits, but really to control how it is applied. But in the domestic realty world in the amount transferred to the franchise so far is primarily the right to use the trademark and the so-called "corporate identity".<br /><br />It turns out that the sign is bright, the name loudly, and after all this instead of the decades-established technology, competent management and skilled professionals can be a group of people who have come on the market just yesterday and have neither sufficient experience nor the proper skills.<br /><br />Yes, the famous brand provides an opportunity to "boast." But the change of signs by itself does not permit of the inexperienced firms "Three cockroach" to become one of the real market leaders.<br /><br /><strong>Quality control</strong><br /><br />Of course, every major company, the more invested a lot of financial and human resources in the "promotion" of its brand, does not want to get a "blow to the reputation" because of the embarrassing actions of its franchisee. Therefore, companies that sell franchises, provide training beginners, pass the agreement form, explain the technology and tend to do much more to the newly-born market participant who receives the right to operate under a known name, it's the name is worth. However, there is what is called "double-edged sword": if too "bully" the bar requirements will be difficult to sell the franchise. Therefore, this issue had to compromise.<br /><br />Here, for example, what is said about the requirements for quality on the site of one of Moscow's largest real estate companies that sell franchises: "Quality of services is one of the key indicators of Real Estate Brokerage Agencies. To comply with the quality of services each agency franchise to pass certification, carried out by "...." In the certification include: contracts and other official documents used in business, compliance office design corporate identity ... "<br /><br />Any more about what are the requirements for quality does not say a word! True, in fairness it should be noted that the above quotation is incomplete. To complete it, we give the ending of the text: "Ongoing monitoring of the quality of services operated by franchisees," ... ". Of course, the very existence of the "current monitoring" can not inspire optimism. Another thing is that the criteria and control technology of the most "quality" again unclear.<br /><br />Yes, and to implement strict control over the quality of each small firm that bought the franchise, especially if their number is measured in tens, even hundreds, it is hardly possible. This is not McDonald's, where one reviewer in 15 minutes can simultaneously monitor the maintenance of dozens of customers in a restaurant, and within half an hour - in another.<br /><br />Real estate services is a long time, often several months. And failure is possible at any stage. A pristavit controller to each realtors in principle, impossible ...<br /><br /><strong>Responsibility</strong><br /><br />One of the main reasons and rightly so, that guides the client by selecting the "old" and "known" - is that in which case the company does not disappear from the market and be able to answer for the actions of their employees.<br /><br />Undoubtedly, this consideration can not but agree: the market leader really it is unlikely to disappear. And that means, and for their employees will respond. But it is for their employees. And those who work in the firm that bought the right to use the brand, they are not. And a particular responsibility for the negligent operation of its franchisee owner of the trademark shall not be: legally franchise buyer, as always, remains completely independent company "Three cockroach" ... We must give: some sellers of franchises it frankly inform the phrase "each office is Independently Owned and management. " However, not all potential customers understand what it means. As the saying goes, "blazers are the same, but different people."<br /><br />So, before you enter into business relationships with some of Realtor firm, especially serving under the famous brand, you should carefully examine the base of the brand-specific legal entity with which you offer to conclude a contract for services.<br /><br /><strong>Trust but verify</strong><br /><br />Of course, in the fact of purchase of any franchise company there's nothing wrong with that. Yes, and it is convenient to the client, if the office of a reputable company will not have to travel to distant lands. Moreover, I am far from seeking to declare that everyone who bought a franchise, completely unprofessional. I repeat: "parent" company cherishes its reputation and tries to do everything possible to its franchisees have been what is called a "level".<br /><br />Nevertheless, everyone who is a potential customer of real estate services, we should remember that "carried" only by name is not worth it. After selecting a brand, try to choose and direct the office, as well as a specific realtor.<br /><br />Find out whether that office to which you are invited, their own branch offices or franchising company. Usually, even if this initially is nowhere written response to a direct question can be honest. In an extreme case, you can always ask to see documents of legal entity and thus find out who really you are dealing with.<br /><br />If this is your own branch of a large firm and you are targeting primarily the brand, you have goals. If it is a franchised company, look at it as a completely separate company. Speak to your manager, find out what his experience in the market and experience of staff, asked a couple of questions a lawyer - in other words, you should use the criteria that you would use when searching for suitable for you, but not brand real estate companies.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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