Why be afraid when you buy an unfinished house?

28.03.2011 12:05
Articles about real estate | Why be afraid when you buy an unfinished house? In addition, the purchase of an unfinished house or a house in an unfinished village fraught with serious complications. Here is a list of the most serious dangers that poses such an acquisition:

1. The main problem today - not piped into the village of communications: water, gas, electricity, sewerage. As a rule, developers are planning their summing up to the moment when the house will be occupied their residents. The difficulty is that if you sell a few houses, the developer is elementary not have enough money to summarize communications, especially as the appetites of the monopolists, who for all these housing services are responsible, the crisis is not decreased.

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2. The second problem relates to the registration of home ownership and attendant rights of tenants. At best, the developer renew for the buyer piece of land, and the house can be decorated in the property only after full completion, and then not immediately. So in bankruptcy builder recovered bodies may try to take the house as a property belonging not to you, and the company.

3. Outside the city there can be problems with registration, with the attachment to the clinic, a school and so on. Well, if these infrastructure facilities are available in the village or nearby. Alas, in times of crisis real estate developers are trying to finish building what is, but the infrastructure facilities were frozen in the first place.

4. The risk your home unfinished. Possible that the completion of the works will have to invest more money than purchase. This risk can be minimized if the contract on a phased payment for work, and in any case not to make the full amount for the house immediately. This practice allows you to monitor performance at every stage and make correct construction deficiencies.

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