Why are harmful geopathic zones?

14.10.2010 02:15
Observed that: in some areas inhabited by people, seemingly for no good reason to be dying from cancer from generation to generation. Such zones are called "cancer", "curse" on them, telling scary stories. In fact, death occurs for a reason related to the action of the dangerous "terrestrial radiation.<br /><br />Zone, where the show "terrestrial radiation," said geopathogenic zones. The name comes from the Greek words: geo / GE / - land and pathos / pathos / - Suffering + genesis / genesis / - origin.<br /><br />There is no doubt - that the "terrestrial radiation is essential and mandatory trigger factor in the pathogenesis of many serious diseases! These radiation associated with underground water streams, with geological faults and specific energy grid, which are named: mesh M. Curry and E. Hartmann grid. Virtually every home, office or station for a few square meters have one or more of geopathic zones, educated or water veins or faults, or power grid!<br /><br />It turns out that on the globe, as it were thrown over the subtle energy network. This is a semblance of conventional lines of meridians and parallels, the only difference that it really exists and is perceived in a different form all living things. Fragments of a world system, but smaller scale, are revealed in every room in the form of biomass energy bands. These bands vary in intensity, structure, linear size and orientation. They recorded clusters of electrons, ions and active radicals of the gas molecules. And in the crosshairs of these bands formed the local band in the form of spots, a high concentration of radiation are particularly harmful to humans. The result is a grid representing a number of separate overlapping vertical walls of a width of about 20 - 30 cm (for the grid Hartman), and columns - at the intersection (in knots). Building walls, floors and roofs for them is not a barrier, radiation pass freely through them.<br /><br />Grid Hartman (named after the doctor E. Hartman - Head of the Institute for Research in geobiologicheskim FRG). This grid is also called common because it is more or less evenly covers the entire Earth's surface and has a fairly regular shape of the lattice. However, sometimes it can be detected and the deformation of the grid because of temporary fluctuations of the Earth magnetism or transient magnetic and electrical storms, but after the termination of the forces that caused such deformation, the grid assumes its original shape.<br /><br /><br />The grid represents a series of separate parallel vertical walls of width 20 cm height of their boundless. Some of them are in the north-south direction, the other in the east-west direction. They cross each other at the intersection formed the so-called "nodes Hartman" in diameter, about 20-30 cm These sites represent a cross-section column ≈ 25x25 cm, far end of which is lost in the source of the radiation itself. These sites are some kind of capacity (large clusters) of energy. Therefore, they are hotbeds of danger, especially if these sites are associated with other sources of harmful emissions, such as with nodes Curry, then the node dramatically increases its activity.<br /><br />Grid Curry (name of Dr. Curry). In contrast to the grid Hartman, mesh Curry goes in the direction of the north-east and south-east (see figure at the end). Practice shows that this kind of grid, not always is stable, and tends to any host Hartman. According to this theory, grid Curry meets every third node Hartmanovskoy grid north-south direction and every second node Hartmanovskoy grid east-west direction. The tops of the diamonds, which are nodes of the grid Curry, located at a distance of about 5-6 meters from each other, which is about 30-40 square meters, so these sites, even in a large apartment will be no more than 1-2, a maximum of 3 (cm . drawing at the end).<br /><br /><strong><br />Changes in the status of plants and animals in the geopathic zones.</strong><br /><br />1. Delayed germination of seeds of cucumbers, beans, peas, radishes and corn;<br />2. Change the highs and lows of "breathing" of yeast;<br />3. Experiments with mice. When growing them in the GEA (geopathogenic zone) observed clear variations in weight, fecundity, and behavior change (the devouring of their own brood) compared with the neutral zones;<br />4. Experiments with rats in which, there is a different growth of grafted tumor. Tumor growth - clearly accelerated in the GPP.<br /><br />Practical advice: If you keep the house the animals, birds, fish, give them the opportunity to choose their own place to sleep and permanent habitation. Otherwise, animals will be hurt, and you risk unnecessary costs on their vaccinations and treatment. Before you start a big aquarium, experiment first with a little: determine where in the apartment would be best to grow algae and is the brightest color in fish.<br /><strong><br />The influence of geopathic zones on people.</strong><br />Research geopathic zones involved scientists from various specialties: physicians, physicists, experts in the field of electronics, etc.<br /><br />The results of extensive research problems of geopathic zones in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Russia, show that 50 to 80% of cancers are related to the fact that patients with longer time spent in places of geopathic radiation exposure. The spectrum of possible diseases provoked geopathogenic zones is not limited to only one oncology. This neuro-psychiatric, cardiovascular disorders, musculoskeletal, joint damage (poliartralgiya, etc.), multiple sclerosis, lymphoma, leukemia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, stroke, migraine headaches, unexplained fever (even up to 39-40 degrees), non-healing trophic ulcers, a bleeding disorder and asthma dr.zabolevaniya in children and adults due to the fact that sleeping or jobs people were in one, or several of geopathic zones, weakening the body's defenses.<br /><br />People stay a long time in geopathic zones (the place of sleep, rest, work), and eating foods that were a long time in geopathogenic zone (for example, if the CPL is a refrigerator, gas stove) causes the following common symptoms: discomfort, general weakness , drowsiness or insomnia, headache, nervousness, anxiety, burning and tingling in the body, cramps in the legs, cool extremities, aversion to bed, tired and fatigued in the morning after sleep, the children are added to this screams, gritting his teeth, chill in the bed, a desire to leave the bed, loss of appetite, bloating, discomfort in the abdomen, the violation of chairs, etc.<br /><br />Not knowing the cause of his ailment, a man long walks on the doctors, taking medication, and yet to recover it is unlikely as long as he sleeps in a disadvantaged position.<br /><br />With long-term finding human geopathogenic zone after a certain period of time, but no more than a few years, he always appears relevant to these areas the disease.<br /><br />There are people who are well tolerated by the influence of the GEA for a long time without complaints. Others react quickly, feeling physically ill, it all depends on predisposition, congenital or acquired, as well as from the plot of the radiation acting on the patient.<br /><br />Signs of an adverse reaction to geopathic zone become more apparent after the change of housing. Even more obvious when a person starts to feel better after moving into another bedroom, another house, or after transfer to the new workplace. Re-emergence of claims for the return of a geopathic zone confirms the sensitivity of the individual to it. The problem is strongly suspected when a variety of people living in the same place, in the same house, within the same or a different period of time, become ill.<br /><br />A typical complaint is insomnia, or a state of deep mertvopodobnogo sleep, waking up from that, the person feels completely exhausted the next morning. Bed in these patients is mainly located in the region geopathogenic zone.<br /><br />Geopathic zones in places of residence or work of the people should be considered high-risk and must take all measures to detect them and exclude them long pathogenic effects.<br /><br />Treatment, even the most experienced and thoughtful physician, remains unsuccessful simply because the patient, even carefully followed doctor's prescription, has to be every day in geopathogenic zone, which undermines its protective force and lowers the body's resistance. Thus threatened, put his health and life, as well as the reputation of qualified medical personnel who are engaged in its treatment.<br /><strong><br />Diagnosis geopathogenic load.</strong><br />Diagnosis of the presence, location, nature and intensity of geopathogenic load is made possible by bio-information techniques. R. Voll method can not directly detect geopathic stress, actually it is determined by vegetative resonance test, in which Dr. H. Schimmel has been proposed a number of drugs-pointers, is a test for geopathic stress.<br /><strong><br />Treatment of patients with geopathogenic load.</strong><br /><br />Treat a person on a regular basis and for a long time is a hopeless case geopathogenic zone. Any therapy in this situation or does not work, or gives a very short-term effect. Therefore, setting the patient geopathic stress we must first take it out of the GEA (change the place of sleep, work and so forth).<br /><br />Experience has shown that any devices that neutralize geopathic radiation zones, as a rule, gradually lose their effectiveness, gathering information, the latter (to the extent that they begin to emit its own).<br /><br />In our experience, a good effect makes magnetic-resonance therapy, especially in combination with bio-resonance therapy (this combination can effectively "cleanse" the body of the "load" as a result of treatment).<br /><strong><br />Detection of geopathic zones in the apartment.</strong><br /><br />These zones can be detected by dowsing (frame, the pendulum).<br /><br />This service can be ordered at our medical center. To you will leave the specialist who will determine the location of geopathic zones in your home, as well as give advice on the location of sites of sleep, recreation, jobs, etc. Order departure of the expert at the customer.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br /><br />
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Бывают случаи, когда геопатогенная зона находится в жизненно важном пространстве, например, в квартире, доме, участке. Находится в таком месте крайне не желательно, так как сама зона плохо влияет на здоровье и психику человека. В идеале нужно переехать в другое место. Но если такой возможности нет, то можно заблокировать геопатогенную зону и сделать её безопасной для человека. Блокировка зоны и очистка места от негативной энергии сделает пространство комфортным и безопасным для проживания. Полностью заблокировать зону и очистить место может только специалист.