Why and how will the «doomsday» in 2012

06.12.2010 00:04
It is necessary to dial 2012 as a phrase from a page of Google to you sypyatsya stupidity. But some of the articles there - not stupidity. I chose two of them, to bring together some of the postulates of very smart people.

Drevneindeyskie calendars, unfading Nostradamus prophecy, astrology, witches, climate scientists, religious fanatics, rather big Hadron Collaider ... Remove all the yard and pour gasoline - through such means journalists earn their daily bread. Do not blame their colleagues, but wanted to warn readers of a serious perception of this nonsense. This is - spam. Nevertheless, all these pythoness right. In the year 2012 will really be a disaster.

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This catastrophe world is going absolutely relentless. Point by point the picture emerges of the future, which will hardly please the eye of our children. However, why children? We will find you and it will survive - somehow. So it was often - and so it will now. But not all.

2012 - a perfect combination of political factors, with abominable disgusting economic realities. Realities have already been formed and a meeting with them preparing all the rich and very rich. But by accident it is the poor result - because they are the majority, namely, the majority - this is the dumb idol on the altar is placed the fate of the so-called democratic states. 2012 - an election year in the U.S.. Elections, to which both sides will approach more serious than usual: the defeat in Congress was predictable, but such a defeat of the ruling forces was unexpected.

In today's landscape in Congress can claim that all Obama's attempts to lead the U.S. Treasury in order to be torpedoed by Republicans and used against him with such intelligent zombies, like Sarah Palin. This, in turn, is so obvious that Obama himself will be prepared in 2012 as a war for voters. And this war has always been to cast aside goons handouts: this is the very foundation of democracy, the rule of the majority.

The budget deficit will not be reduced

As a result of the commission, which worked on the budget cuts, and released a very modest document, much weaker than one would now take, worked almost in vain - and will not turn away accident 2012. No one will encroach on the costs in the period actually started the race for the top chair of the planet. There will be no spending cuts. In turn, IRS does not get more - the tax issue irritates voters. In addition, the need to create an artificial prosperity at the expense of low gasoline prices. All this only escalates the problem, which covered the economy after the election.

Monetary means of pumping the well-being

The means by which the Fed is now trying to "revive" the U.S. economy - a witch doctor voodoo potions. Round of the $ 600 billion, printed from the air to impact debt itself - is not that aerobatics illusion? But even those funds will not save the situation, analysts say. And the Fed will have to repeat the performance. Few people will be pleased with this circumstance. Nevertheless, the situation in the employment market is such that "self-excitation will be a must.

Enthusiasm and joy of financial masturbation does not impress the major holders of U.S. debt securities. Depending on the degree of acceptance of this method, the dollar could begin to slide into the pit, or just fall into it. As confidence in this case scenario is as firm as ever, prices for gold and other assets leads to eternal creeping devaluation.

Joe the Plumber will start a Third World

Almost hopeless case of political defeat solved by unleashing a new war. Where and how it will happen - it does not matter. The main thing is that before her and in the process it can bring society to a state of religious ecstasy and fury, during which will be re-elected to almost any candidate for almost any initial ratings. Whether in jest, or earnest - but in the U.S. came out a study postulates that American society has been at war ever, and the long period of peace for states worse than cholera.

Generally, all these factors are known and already discussed ad nauseam. There are a couple or twenty largest financial and political iceberg that are waiting for peace in the 2011-2013 year, including a wave of restructuring of bank debt, trillions of dollars. Rising China. Perpetual itching Israel and Iran. Oil complexity. And so on. But given all these factors chord, make them irresistible will only democracy, with its permanent choice - the catastrophe of 2012.

Gives examples of history

1932. Election Hoover against Roosevelt. The winner - it was Roosevelt - did not take any sharp and necessary measures to rescue the banking sector and monetary policy. As a result, banks have burst under the pressure of the massive outflow of deposits. The Great Depression went on to a new circle.

1971. Nixon introduces control over consumer prices to curb inflation. Measure leads to a delayed explosion of inflation after the lifting of the measures.

1988. Unwillingness to restructure tax policies and to combat the growing shaft of debt insolvency did their job - a recession after the victory was a reward.

And so on and so forth. Japan, Mexico, Greece, Korea - everywhere elections accurately measure off periods of financial instability. Everyone knows that it will, but a hungry Joe the Plumber need to feed - at least until the vote. Good compilation of these facts, provided by Greg Ip.

Understand whether it is the powers that be?

Understand and prepare public opinion for such a turn of events, to the catastrophe of 2012. Here is the article titles quite fresh economic press. Transfer will not be sufficiently clear text, compiled by Paul B. Farrell:

How will this affect the rest of the world?

I remember, as Tymoshenko said that the global crisis will not affect Ukraine. Something similar is mentioned, and others. And where is she now? Larechniki and hawkers, who proudly call themselves "entrepreneurs" allowed her to stand up and yell nonsense into cheese Kiev November?
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