Who should pay for the repair of residential buildings in Ukraine

20.10.2015 00:30
Articles about real estate | Who should pay for the repair of residential buildings in Ukraine On October 15, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law №3332 "On amendments to some legislative acts concerning the financing of capital repairs of apartment buildings."  Despite the "widespread" title of the document, it deals with only the houses that belong to owners associations (condominiums).

The explanatory note to the document notes that currently in Ukraine "unilaterally legislated fact transmit condominium ownership of the common property of an apartment building without the consent of the owners. Therefore, the state and local governments got rid of the cargo content of the housing stock, which the majority are in poor condition, shifting significant costs on the poor, who mostly live in these homes. "
It is therefore proposed to the law "On peculiarities of the right of Command in the apartment house" record that:

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the transfer of the common property of the co-owners of houses is carried out after the first major overhaul of buildings, or with the consent of the majority of co-owners;
financing of capital repairs carried out on the co-financing from the state and local budgets and international technical assistance, in accordance with the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers;
customer survey at home and drawing up design and estimate documentation are co-owners of the house.
Edit the same content is also supposed to make the law "On privatization of public housing" and the Housing Code.
But the problem of capital repairs in Ukraine important not only for the condominiums. According to the Association of cities in the country 25.5 thousand. Residential houses built project first mass series. The time limit for operation of most of them is 50 years old, that is, it has expired or is terminated. However, individual elements of the overhaul (replacement of lifts, repair porches, roofs, facades and other.) Require even more homes. Funds for this purpose are sorely lacking. For example, in Kiev this year is expected to carry out major repairs of 556 apartment buildings.
Housing Code was adopted in 1983, t. E. In the days of the Ukrainian SSR.
Planning (and therefore funding) dedicated to capital repairs short article. 18, which states: "The government plans for economic and social development of the Ukrainian SSR are set tasks to the executive committees of regional, city councils of people's deputies, ministries, state committees and departments of the Ukrainian SSR on the overhaul of the housing stock is in their management."
This document is valid and now in 2015. With this base, "elaboration" issue overhaul of apartment houses and practical problems should be sharp.
In real life, the local authorities for some principles only make plans for capital repairs, trying to find the money to implement them. Often, this is done transparently, that offers great opportunities for corruption.
Ukrainian problems in this area are not unique. All countries where the transition from state ownership to private housing facing them. In general, the regulatory framework is developed, which determines the procedure for capital repairs of apartment buildings; legally defined sources of funding. In addition to the number of state and local budgets also include preferential target bank loans, and in some countries - and compulsory contributions to the apartment owners. In Ukraine, this is nothing.
In countries with developed market economies, the state does not regulate the issue of capital repairs, it only obliges the owners have property in a safe condition and control it.
The problem of capital repairs of apartment houses in Ukraine are not only technical and financial but also the mental Ukrainians about 20 years ago, had the opportunity to become owners of their apartments, but most of them have not yet learned, or do not want to be responsible for it.
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