Who should eliminate defects in new?

05.01.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | Who should eliminate defects in new? "The secondary buy dangerous new cheaper, and still do repairs" - talk about so potential home buyers. And very often opt for a new building. And then, sometimes, find that new home should not just repair, but sometimes finish building ...

New building

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New apartment - it's always dozens, even hundreds of spent hryvnia. Very often the person or family buys an apartment is the only time in my life. Of course, for my money, people expect to see housing as a minimum, suitable for life. And get bare walls, and even curves with cracks, sticking with the wiring, without doors, and sometimes with no windows.

What do you do? Is it possible to insure that when buying an apartment? How do you know in advance what the developer is obliged to remove the defects at its own expense, and with what would have to fight for yourself?

Attention and observation

Of course, until the house is not ready, it is difficult to judge his position in the future. "Usually, the buyer has no professional knowledge and specialized equipment to independently assess the quality of construction or materials. So today the builder's reputation comes to the fore: it is necessary to look ready projects, evaluate them, read reviews of people living in houses built by this company "- advises the director of" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko.

This tip is a large element of truth. In fact, for example, prefab houses are built in series, which are manufactured in factories on a conveyor principle, and then collected by experts of a company. Therefore, we can examine existing "products" of the builder, who do you think buying an apartment, and draw appropriate conclusions. Home of one series are unlikely to differ greatly from each other, both externally and in terms of "assembly".

Pay attention to how a representative of the builder behaves with customers. As a whole, the company built a line of quality control. One of the developers in the Kiev region shared his experience: "Unhappy with the quality of the housing will always be, by this developer should be prepared. Therefore, before the house will be handed over the State Commission, it must undergo an internal committee in the company, which monitors the quality of construction. In addition, we have our facilities, along with the obligatory examination, in addition to give an analysis of Russian and even Western consulting companies. For example, currently one of the projects are planning to cooperate with German experts. We need that pointed out to us on our mistakes. By the way, for that we create our forums co-investors, so that they communicate, identify shortcomings and to report them to us. Although, I admit, because we have a monolithic housing, we are somewhat simpler: do not have those problems that often arise with panel buildings - the gap between the plates and the like. "

But if you believe that you can overpay for a monolith-brick and saved from all troubles, do not rush: the construction of houses of this type also arise lining. "In-situ houses lined in a half-brick is a" branded "problem - the partial destruction and collapse of the facade due to poor communication with the outside brick wall of a monolithic carrier. If it happened once, it probably will repeat again and again, "- said the representative of the developer.
Simple movement

The most basic, what can and should do - it's built to explore the apartment. "When viewed from buildings in the first place, pay attention to the obvious factors, which are visible to the naked eye and require no special knowledge. What is the quality of finish, exactly if installed windows, curved walls and floors of whether, in a cold apartment, is it difficult to breathe. Sometimes in sheer decoration in marriage can be judged on the quality of works on the entire project ", - tells Victor Kovalenko.

At the same time, remember that to calculate absolutely all the defects you will still fail. First, in places where concentrated, at least half the potential problems (technical facilities with installed equipment, basement), average buyer is not allowed. And secondly, no construction education, or at least experience of buying new construction homes reveal defects is extremely difficult.

What if the identified significant weaknesses? Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, senior lawyer JC "Vasil Kisil and Partners" recommends not reflect them in the act of reception and transmission of apartment: "This document, as well as the sales contract, permanent (not single) action. He, like the agreement, stored in a registration bodies constantly and should contain only the minimum necessary information: the developer has built (the design characteristics of the apartment pursuant to a contract) and transferred on completion of the apartment (building permits, these apartments at BTI) holders, who for apartment is fully paid off (the amounts of money). "

In this case, said the expert, if necessary in an apartment building material deficiencies in its inspection prior to signing a round-trip apartments in writing inform the developer with an indication of inconsistency apartments specific SNP and point out that in the case of bringing the apartments into compliance under snip and agreement ( in the latter there is any indication of the qualitative characteristics of the apartment) delivery-acceptance certificate signed by the shareholders will be flat. "So you are telling the developer about his guilt in your inability to receive an apartment on the acceptance of transfer" - concludes Natalia Dotsenko-Belous.

What are the disadvantages of considered material?

Unfortunately, the subjective assessments such as "like - not like" account will not be accepted. Will have to study "Building Regulations" and make sure that the requirements for the developer claims - not fancy picky customer.

In the house surrendered it may be the following shortcomings:

- Lack of energy supply on a permanent scheme;
- Absence of wall guards;
- The lack of glazing;
- Lack of finish in the common areas;
- The presence of through-holes (slits);
- Netselostnye window frames, etc.

At the same time when buying a flat open plan room for all claims is narrowed, and when buying apartments for sale, on the contrary, increases. The apartment is finished to be fully fit for habitation and do not require any more construction work.

Where and how to complain?

The first instance in which you want to complain about the imperfections in the apartment - of course, the developer. Of course, all complaints must be made in writing. At the same warranty period claims - five years from the moment between the builder and the first co-investor equity has been signed by an act of reception and transmission apartment.

Experts also advise the developer in conjunction with complaints and inform the administering organization to its staff documented that failures occurred through no fault of the landlord, and are just building defects. True, when you consider that many new buildings management company is a subsidiary of the developer, must be alert.

In egregious cases, and helps to appeal to the prosecutor's office. But I want to believe that all problems, if you suddenly appear, will be resolved at the stage of negotiations with the developer!

Viktor Kovalenko

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