Who profits the new master plan?

11.10.2011 11:04
Articles about real estate | Who profits the new master plan? The current urban policies of the authorities is not merely a question, it is fraught with serious problems - such a view of investors, developers today, for obvious reasons, can be heard more often on the sidelines, rather than publicly. Express their views on what is happening in the capital in an exclusive interview Vuilding Vusiness agreed Mark Ginsburg, president of investment and construction holding company MTN, the partner of "Grail".

BB: How would you rate the town-planning policy in Kiev, in particular the new concept master plan approach to its creation?

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Ginzburg: The current master plan concept is flawed in its essence. All this hype around the present town-planning document for people far removed from the process, simple Kiev, should create a view that so far we have lived and are living without a master plan, in a certain chaotic development, and finally give us a master plan to 2025 year. But any professionals involved in the construction in Kiev, he knows that already have a valid general plan of development of Kyiv 2020, adopted in 2002, even if we start from the postulate that every 10 years should be the general plan update, we do understand the difference between the adjusted and the creation from scratch.

BB: Who benefits?

Ginzburg: Former master plan was created by people whose professional level was immeasurably higher than those who are now working on it. It has been designed by qualified architects with a good academic school and the construction manager. After a few years the city has picked up a team of "effective management" Chernovetsky. On architectural, town-planning development of the city, architecture, no one spoke. Then as time was a building boom and the ground was a huge demand, and the issue of land allocation decision in one way or another to lay any more on the builders and architects, and the "effective manager" of banking and commercial structures. Undertook the cadastre plan, found spaces in elementary and divided the land between the persons concerned without reference to infrastructure, utility services, transport interchanges, population density, zoningu. In the queue for land acquisition were all worked speculative principle - buy, paperwork, sell more. Who took out 100% build sections were collected only a few percent. The same situation with the allotment of land was in the suburbs of Kiev. Set aside areas of agricultural land 100-120 m, the functional purpose of which later changed "for housing." Divided the 100 ha plots of 10 acres, and offered to investors. A house with construction cost of $ 500 per square. m selling for $ 1000/kv. m. The main problem was to change the designated purpose. No one wondered where the infrastructure? Where engineering services, gas, water, sewage?

So when they came to "effective management", mainly for them was to take the land. In the current government, unfortunately, a difficult situation. I am sure that Popov - professional man, he practices, but still is under pressure from various bodies - the presidential administration, prosecution, the Supreme Court, etc., and all need something - land acquisition, building ... There was a complete change of government, new people, and everything is sorted out, all land acquisition was done. New no land. Yes, today the method of legal pressure, often just for the representatives of the former regime will be repealed previous land acquisition, which will be transferred to new owners. But the main purpose of the new master plan - to legalize all previous land acquisition, most of which are already or soon will be transferred to new owners, co-ordinated with the new government.

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