Who Lives Well in Russia?

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Active development of the Internet in general, and blogs, in particular, leads to what is available to the general public are the things that had carefully hidden from the sight of "commoners." Recently, the network became increasingly exposed to information about large suburban homes of politicians, oligarchs and bureaucrats. However, to call these objects the houses it is unlikely that someone will turn language. The definition of "Palace" is much more appropriate. Cottage.ru gathered information about the five most interesting dwellings Russian "Celestials".

House Billion

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This object will never get to the list of most expensive homes in the magazine Forbes. Firstly, because the ranking involves only the objects on sale. Secondly, because of his appearance on the list for a long time would deprive the rating of the journal meaningless. The fact that the cost of most expensive house in the world is less than $ 200 million and annual growth rates of the most expensive of the lot is approximately $ 25 million house also, which will be discussed, is estimated by experts at about $ 1 billion in this way if he had entered the rating of Forbes, it would remain in first place for a long time.

Information about this palace has appeared in the media a few days before the New Year. The site dedicated to the corruption in Russia appeared a letter addressed to President Dmitry Medvedev. The author of the message - St. Petersburg businessman Sergei Kolesnikov - argues that the Black Sea coast in the vicinity of Gelendzhik, in 2006 built "leisure complex", Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. According to Kolesnikov, formally home owned by Nicholas Shamalova, which is a close friend of Prime Minister. According to Vedomosti newspaper, he Kolesnikov, in turn, is a friend Shamalova a long time was his business partner. "If this is the palace Shamalova, why then the state at his own expense to him holds the road, power line?" - The newspaper quoted words of a businessman. He claims to have seen this object with our eyes.

A few days later the opportunity to see the object "with his own eyes" appeared that everyone who has access to the Internet. His photos have appeared in the portal "Russian WikiLeaks». Press office of prime minister immediately denied the palace in Sochi. "Putin did not and has no relation to this building," - said Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. However, the abundance of state symbols in the interiors of the palace makes us think otherwise.

Militia shack

An indirect confirmation of the fact that the house in Sochi has to do with Vladimir Putin, may serve as another object, which is owned by General Alexander Bokov MIA. If the owner of the palace may be a police general, then why can not be prime minister? Of course, this argument was "far-fetched." But the fact that in the side was the palace - it is beyond doubt. Why was that? Because in the present general is contained in the detention center. Director of the bureau to coordinate the fight against organized crime and other dangerous types of crimes on the territory of the CIS Alexander Bokov suspected of fraud on a large scale. According to investigators, in 2006, General tried to get a bribe of $ 46 million is not proven, whether he had received the full amount is reliably known only about 10% - $ 4.5 million

Judging by the pictures and descriptions of homes Bokova, we can conclude that he had received "at the leg, he is clearly larger. At least, the approximate value of the palace is much higher than this amount. "Modest" home-town general located on 2 hectares of pine forest, the whole area fenced, and its security can be compared to the residences of top officials: the perimeter of the entire area is equipped with surveillance systems and alarms, site security guards controlled the staffing and service dogs.

In the general's four floors of the palace, not counting the basement and the basement, an area of several thousand square meters. According to the FSB officers who conducted the search, the house is richly decorated, both outside and inside. Estimated construction costs tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars. The house has about 50 rooms and domestic premises: the numerous bedrooms, study, sitting room, dining room for 20 persons, games room, gym, solarium, sauna with Jacuzzi. The house even fit a 25-meter pool at the 4 lanes. There is a country residence and very exotic facilities: salt room for prevention and treatment of lung diseases. As well as thematic rooms: Room hunter and fisherman - with guns and fishing rods, Oriental Hall - tents, rugs, ottomans and canopies.

Oligarch with imperial manners

Next object could hardly appear somewhere other than St. Petersburg. Rather, its suburbs. At first glance, it might even seem that this time the palace of Empress Catherine the Great. However, this impression is misleading. The people call it Vasilievsky, but Vasilyev was not one of the many favorites of the August person. He was named so by the name of the owner - a businessman Sergei Vasiliev, and was built in 2005-2006 on the banks of the river in the village Oredezh Vyritsa Gatchina district of Leningrad region, designed by architect Igor Gremitskogo.

The owner of an architectural ensemble, Sergei Vasiliev, a very interesting one. He is a co-owner of JSC "Petersburg Oil Terminal, but in the past has been known for quite other things. Along with two brothers - senior and junior Boris Alexander - for many years he was considered the leader of organized crime. Even in Soviet times he was twice imprisoned - to 117-th (rape) and 147 th (fraud) articles of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR.

The question of why Vasiliev is still not only walking free, but also builds palaces, can be classified as rhetorical. Despite the fact that the activities of organized crime groups, "Vasilyev has been actively interested in the internal affairs agencies, to gather evidence on the leader and failed. According to investigators, OPG has put on stream extortion, hijackings and black stretch car, which has controlled the pimps, "Roofing" small traders and businessmen of the first, long controlled the car market at the prospect of Power in St. Petersburg.

By the way, he Sergei Vasiliev, a great lover of cars, the total value of its fleet of more than one million dollars and a place of honor in the collection belong to the "Rolls-Royces." In one of them in 2006, he was assassinated, but Vasilyev, who by that time had a respectable businessman, survived. Despite the fact that the crime he committed long ago, around it still continue to experience various rumors. One of them says that Sergei Vasiliev, a friend of Vladimir Putin has referred. Maybe they became friends on the background of the love of architecture?

Housing gas Sheikh

Our next exhibit attracted the attention of a couple of years ago when pictures appeared on the Internet, "an unidentified object, which is located on the shore of the Istra reservoir. The pictures were taken gliders from the air and immediately caused major debate on the network. Versions of who owns the "beauty" put forward a great many, but on the basis of bloggers agreed that the house is built for the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller. As usual, the press office denied this information. "Our company has no relation to the" Istra Manor "- spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov, the gas monopoly. And of course, is even more convinced of that "problem" really belongs to Miller.

There's that and more compelling evidence. In the vicinity of the palace built housing estate "Istra estate. Both construction projects are surrounded by a fence and guarded by a single Chop. At the entrance to the village is being built is a shield, on which the client was listed construction company Stroygazconsulting. The main activity of the holding is the construction and repair of the main gazopovodov. And it is not difficult to guess among customers means first of all, Gazprom.

In fairness, we note that other customers' Stroygazconsulting "are Lukoil and Transneft. So with the same success palace can be built and Vagit Alekperov, and Nikolai Tokarev. In any case, the owner of this property a very influential figure: if before construction can be seen on satellite imagery, Google, now in its place flaunts virgin field.

Golden bowl

Jokes about the "new Russian", crimson jackets and golden bowls, probably remember all those who lived through the "dashing ninetieth. But if the new Russian themselves and their jackets could be seen on every street, here's the golden toilet bowls - it was something from the category of inventions simple inhabitants. But it seems that such fantasies are not just someone to come to mind, but also translated into reality. Meet our final today, but not the last on the vast expanse of Russia, the exhibit - Palace of Ramzan Kadyrov Ahmadovicha. However, like almost all the objects in our collection, the fact that this house belongs to the head of the Chechen republic, too, is nothing more than conjecture.

This palace was built in the ancestral village of Kadyrov Jr. Tsentoroj. Rumored to be walking in the network, it is built on taxpayers' money on subsidies allocated to Chechnya from the federal budget. True or not, we hardly ever know. But one can say with absolute certainty - the house is built not on the salary of the President. Because according to the income statement, Ramzan Kadyrov has a two bedroom apartment in Grozny area of 36 square meters. m and VAZ-21053. And his annual income at the principal place of work is 3.4 million rubles., Other financial sources in the declaration are not specified.

Unidentified witnesses reported that hangs in the lobby of the Palace stylized picture of a classic Russian paintings Vasily Perov Hunters at rest ", depicting Ramzan Kadyrov with a gun in his hands in the lap of nature, together with the Chechen Ruslan Baisarov businessman and one of the rooms are hung and a real weapon: Daggers , swords, rifles and pistols. In the photographs are available on the Internet, such details of the interior could not be found, but here's the golden bowl is visible in all its glory.


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