Who lives next to the president?

27.10.2011 08:50
Articles about real estate | Who lives next to the president? Adjacent to the living Yanukovych Yatseniuk, the Klitschko brothers and Yaroslavsky - his "little hut" on the beach

Settle in Mezhyhiria (Petrivtsi) has become fashionable: closer to the head of state officials and members of stretch.

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The building boom in New Petrovac, where is the mansion of Mr. Yanukovich, turned in the last 3-4 years. The price of land and housing are growing here, as well as new houses, writes today.

Behind the fence of the presidential estates sold with might and main land. "The sale offer 6 ha in the forest, close to the president. Can take at least one hundred square meters at $ 10-15 thousand acres at least, then we can negotiate about $ 7-8 thousand, "- said Tatiana realtor.

"Houses here are sold from $ 200 thousand to $ 1.5 million, all depends on the interior. The house may be small - 300 "squares", but inside all decorated with marble, exclusive furniture, "- says the realtor company" SUN "Anastasia Nakonechna.

Yatseniuk. One well-known neighbors, President - ex-parliament speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk. His brick house with a Ukrainian flag on a flagpole high knows every local resident. At the entrance to the house is always on duty vehicle safety - not close to the gate you approach. Lodge ex-speaker is right on the street adjacent to the famous maetku president.

In the famous neighbors and Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, his house is located in the Old Petrovac by the sea. "I've got a small hut, I bought it 17 years ago, there is access to water. Just wanted to clear of all principality to be "- laughing Yaroslavsky.

Some residents of New Petrovac say that my house is here and the Minister of Ministry of Emergency Situations Viktor Baloga. But as we said, a prominent political analyst Vadim Karasev, it is not true. "I beg you, in his modest home in Concha Zaspa, in any Mezhyhiria he is not living" - says Karasev.

Not far from Mezhyhirya build their own and well-known boxer brothers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko. Their wooden house located on the shore of the sea in the village of Kiev Lyutezh. It is said that the brothers bought a special timber here in Austria. Vitaly himself does not comment on it.

Not so long ago in these parts was the house in which saw Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. True, the house was hiding somewhere in the woods, and guarded around the clock to police units. "You there is not even close you come, we'll even pick mushrooms in those regions will not go" - the locals say. However, now this house is already owned by another owner, and Chernovetsky here have not seen.

LIKE. Not far from the "Mezhyhirya" - a few cottage towns. Their half-empty streets while. On them scurrying just visiting builders. "Why, there's a street that is easy to master fenced by a high fence and gates. Its kind of calls the "accountant" Tymoshenko. When he left the jeep out of the gate, a guard for the machine must be running to run "- say builders.

Not far away in another cottage town settled businessmen. One of them - the owner of "trump card" Dmitry Galbmillion. "He has a big house and a helicopter, he flies it often here" - say the villagers.

In the houses of those who sit down next to the president, has a staff of servants. Some cooks here, "discharged" from the French restaurants. Frog legs are not prepared, but all the dishes for the hosts - exclusively from French cuisine. "Onion soup, fish, different sauces, pies, cakes. A friend of mine works at home Ukrainian businessman from Western Ukraine, because there just like Carpathian cuisine "- said one of the housewives.


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