Who is entitled to better housing and to participate in the program, youth loans?

07.01.2011 10:45
State Fund for Promotion Youth resumed construction program providing young families with housing through loans. The program can take part, only those families who are under the law in need of better housing conditions.

Prostobank.ua investigated who may receive this status and what it takes.

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First of all, the need to improve the living conditions in Ukraine - then stand in a queue for public housing. Length of stay in the queue, as well as the serial number for the program have no value, so it suffices at least her "hit". And yet, in practice it is not so simple. The rules and procedure of registration of citizens in need of better housing conditions, is regulated by the Housing Code of Ukraine and the Rules of citizens who need better housing, and providing them with accommodation in the Ukrainian SSR, as well as local legislation. As you can see, the regulatory framework more Soviet-style, from what a lot of questions in its practical application.

Who can be registered

In need of better housing recognizes the following categories of citizens:

Citizens who have secured a residential area below the level previously determined by the executive committees of regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city councils, together with the Council of Trade Unions. In most cases, the old Soviet norms operate to this day.

For example, in Kiev, the current procedure for applying rules of registration of citizens in need of better housing conditions from 1985 (Holds vikonavchogo komіtetu Kiїvskoї mіskoї for people deputatіv that Prezidії Kiїvskoї mіskoї for profspіlok vіd 15.07.1985r. № 582).

According to the order in need of better housing conditions are recognized families with living space at up to 7.5 square meters. meters for each family member.

Living in a room that does not meet the sanitary and technical requirements.

Patients with severe forms of chronic diseases, therefore, can not live in a communal apartment or a room with his family. The list mentioned diseases was approved by the Ministry of Health of USSR in 1985.

The procedure for issuing medical findings distinguished patients established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Medical opinion about the disease, in which the citizen, who suffers from them, can not live in a communal apartment or a room with his family, given the medical and Advisory Commission (WCC).

Living on a sublease contract dwelling in houses of the state or public housing or contractual tenancy in the homes of housing co-operatives.

Living at least 5 years of lease (rent) homes (apartments), which belong to citizens on the right of private property.

Those who live in dormitories.

In the case of staying in one room, two or more families, regardless of family relationships.

In the case of staying in one room of persons of different sex, older than 9 years, except for spouses (including, if they occupy the premises habitable consists of more than one room).

In need of better housing conditions are recognized as citizens who live in public or uncomfortable about the conditions of this settlement apartments:

individuals who belong to disabled veterans;

persons who are subject to the Law of Ukraine "On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection";

Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Labor, persons awarded the Order of Glory, Labor Glory "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" for all three degrees;

combatants and war veterans;

employees who have worked faithfully for a long time in one enterprise, institution, organization (at least 15 years old).

Additional categories of our compatriots who may rely on the housing register may be established by local law (in particular, for Kiev Resolution № 582).

Availability of housing in private ownership does not preclude the registration in need of better housing, if there is at least one of the above circumstances.

Where to register themselves for

As a general rule, the account in need of better housing conditions is carried out at their place of permanent residence, ie the place of registration.

Condition of registration is not required when it comes to individuals temporarily absent on a residence, but which retains the right to housing (for example, during study abroad, military service, etc.). Exercise such accounting executive committees of local councils.

Nevertheless, in some cases provided by law, the housing register can be carried out not by place of residence of the applicant.

For example, registration of citizens who work in enterprises, institutions and organizations that have housing stock and housing are private limited or take part in the construction of residential buildings carried out in the workplace. Decision about registering in this case takes the company's administration in conjunction with the trade union committee.

At the same time citizens who left work at enterprises, institutions and organizations that carry out housing register, with regard to retirement, are registered along with workers and employees of the enterprise, institution or organization.

Orphans and children deprived of parental care, the age of 16, can register themselves as to their place of residence and place of birth.

In addition, local law may be established duration of their stay in the community for taking on the housing register. So, in Kiev, such a period of 5 years. True, it does not apply to registration of the other spouse, minor children or disabled parents.

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