Who has earned on foreign housing in 2010

22.01.2011 12:50
"Navariya or lost by those who invested in the imported property, and that you can now buy at Moscow odnushki?


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The country is traditionally loved by Russian buyers of foreign houses near the sea, including the star. Alicante is the property Nikita Mikhalkov, Lada Dens, Yuri Stoyanov. Small apartments in Valencia on the beach, the actress Marina Golub. Several apartments in Spain, the actor Michael Kokshenova. And this is not an exhaustive list - known to many people prefer not to advertise their purchases, especially when it comes to business.

And the last couple of years, the Spanish real estate is very actively promoted it as a way to "earn a crisis" - the local market has suffered perhaps the strongest in Europe.

While hopes for a "fat" is not justified. Throughout 2010 investment professionals expected the downturn in the Spanish property market will change in stature, but never came. Prices rose in only a few, very popular, and extremely small areas (within 3 - 5%).

With regard to earnings on rent, Spain today, according to experts, is not the most advantageous (see below) for such affairs. In addition, Spain strife, and to be able to take property all year round and have a stable income to not only cover the costs of maintaining a home or apartment, you must still correctly select an area and the object.

Analysts, however, believe that the "bottom" to the Spanish housing prices, which since the beginning of the crisis in different parts of the country fell by 15 - 30%, yet reached, and thus in a certain term will go up and the situation returns to normal.

Summary of the expert

Julia Kaynova, a leading expert Century21 Beverlywood:

- To earn this year, managed only to those who were lucky enough to buy a well located facility at the court auction or the bank, as in this case, the buyer has paid for 30 - 40 percent below the already falling market value of real estate.


Shelter here, on the Black Sea coast, more than a year ago got Boris Moiseev and Larissa Udovichenko. Penthouse in a newly built complex acquired Lolita. And Mikhail Boyarsky bought at the stage of building a two-storey townhouse - close to Bourgas. Then a famous actor said, which makes it exclusively for families - rest. Rightly said - revenue Bulgarian property now does not work.

Since the crisis house prices in the country, which remains number one in popularity among Russian consumers, fell by 30 - 60% - and could not stop. During 2010, investors in the Bulgarian housing rather lost than earned. A slight drop in prices continued, including the major cities. Roughly the same cost of housing has remained in the prestigious districts of Sofia and the first-second lines of the sea - and then not at all.

According to forecasts, the "bottom" in the housing market in Bulgaria is still ahead. And generally survive the market today mainly due to Russian buyers.

Summary of an expert:

- Bulgaria today more urgent as the purchase of "problem" than in terms of investment. It is especially attractive to retirees, since they are special conditions for obtaining a residence permit.

According to analysts, Marina Blue apartments in the resort area of Valencia, will probably prove a profitable investment in the future.


Russian show elite this country yet mastered poorly. But in the ranking of the top businessmen in our countries in terms of home buying Germany "ripped" up and now occupies a place in the top three. Specialists in sales of imported property amicably called it a hit in 2010.

Compared to last year prices have risen here as a residential and commercial real estate. But it's not just that. According to experts, the German capital Berlin now ranks first in Europe to risk ratio - yield in terms of rental housing. This ratio takes into account not only the "net" income on rent, but the warranty of such income: just find a tenant, not "throw" is how much earnings will detach in the form of taxes, etc., Germany on all these parameters - one of the most prosperous countries.

In this case, a ticket in a similar business in Berlin in comparison with the average prices for Moscow and St. Petersburg real estate costs, we can say a penny. The main demand - at an apartment price to 70 euros.

Summary of an expert:

- More and more Russian are interested in buying real estate in Germany was to surrender its lease. And you compare. Even killed odnushka (36 - 40 sqm. M) near the extreme subway stations in Moscow costs 4,200,000 -

4,500,000 rubles. (About 105 - 110 thousand euros). If it is put into long-term lease, then at best it will bring 20 000 rubles per month, representing 5.3% of annual income (excluding tax). In Berlin, you can buy a one bedroom apartment (50 - 75 square meters. M) in a good area for 70,000 euros. The apartment is in an area are often sold with a tenant ready - 90% of the population of Germany capital of rented accommodation. As a result, the German real estate worth less than the Moscow odnushki will generate ? 400 income per month, amounting to 6.9% for the year of income (after all the deductions, the cost of water, electricity, heating, municipal taxes, etc. charged to the tenant separately) . At the same time cares for the collection of rent and other matters will take over the management company.

... And others

Montenegro, Italy, outstanding results not demonstrated. Most owners of local real estate for the year 2010 have not earned, but not lost. Showed a slight increase in the housing market in Austria, but he did so, they say, needs no advertising.


What can you buy overseas for the price of the Moscow odnushki (up to 100 000 euros)

Bulgaria: two studio apartments 55 sq.. m in Sunny Beach, with panoramic sea views (37 thousand euros), one bedroom apartment (two rooms) on the seafront (70 thousand euros).

Spain: two apartments in a not very popular area (50 thousand euros) or alone (with one bedroom) in the popular resort area.

Czech Republic: flats in the outskirts of Prague.

Italy: one bedroom apartment in Calabria (south).

Turkey: two bedroom apartment in a resort area or a small house there.

France: a small studio (17 square meters. M) in the Alps.

Cyprus: one bedroom apartments (55 - 60 sqm. M) in the finished residential complex in the 700 - 800 m from the sea.

Greece: two apartments (40 - 60 thousand euros) of 50 - 70 sqm. m on the Halkidiki peninsula (500 m from the sea) with all the equipment (air conditioning, finished kitchen).

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