Who dictates the price of housing?

06.09.2010 12:30
Articles about real estate | Who dictates the price of housing? Do realtors have the opportunity to influence the offer price, which is used for analysis and evaluation of vendors and buyers. The reason for this situation lies in the fact that in Ukraine there is still no mandatory reporting of Realtors on the amount and terms of the transaction, and no laws governing the services it provides. On the secondary market of housing and real estate services reasoned discussion of the Internet "Who dictates the price of housing", held at the portal ЛІГА.net.

Price cheat
Most real estate agencies, which submit their data on prices in the secondary market, used to analyze the offer price.

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"Prices of proposals - this is public information, available to anyone interested in the real estate market, so if you want to understand how the data is correct - open to any source that contains ads for property for sale, look and you will come to almost the same figures, - said the director of a network of agencies "Real Druzi" Druzenko Lyudmila.

However, not all representatives of the trust market offer prices. "The average bid price can be taken from the base, where hang and unsaleable flats", - said deputy director of the Academy of Sciences Alliance Brock Sergei Podgorny.

In addition, the price of ads can be quite easy to influence. "Imagine how many ads on non-existent apartments can be given in open sources, such as a $ 1 thousand: this amount easily accommodates 100 thousand unrealistic ads. And by the way to change the price on the market, and statistics that will affect all the average, median performance. I do not exclude that there are companies that have sinned in such a method for managing the market ", - explains the managing director" ARPA Real Estate "Michael Artyukhov.

That is why, in his words, public listings for the most part - refuse: "Rubbish is taken for analysis and, as a result, we have trash on exit".

The reason, according to M. Artyukhova, lies in the fact that Ukraine does not, for example, in the U.S., mandatory reporting, in which realtors are required to make information about the conditions and details of the transaction.

Why do realtors do not like
It is lack of market regulator realtor services, the Law on real estate activities, responsibilities under the Civil Code has led to the fact that since 1990, working realtor and the seller may be a vegetable shop and a violinist, ie people who possess neither the skills nor the knowledge without special education.

"The main reason (dislike realtors, - ed.) Lies in the incompetence of many Realtors. Professionals are much smaller companies that provide a comprehensive range of services - more for less, but the market is", - said director of marketing, "SV Development" Vladimir Stepenko.

Otherwise, thinks the vice-president of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine (ASNU) Sergey Sinister. In his opinion, the reasons for the negative attitude of the following:

- Lack of access to the profession (definition of professional features)
- Lack of access to business (the law or rules regulating transactions with real estate).

As a consequence, there is reluctance to pay for the service realtor and realtor starts to perform functions by the user.

According to the market, the negative image of Realtors has led to an increase in the number of fraudulent activities, or simply errors in transactions with real estate. "Because if there's negative experiences or people believed what he had heard about the negativity realtor, he is trying to make complicated transaction itself, and the risk of an unpleasant outcome is immediately increased. And then a client says:" All realtors - crooks, "- said president of the Guild of Realtors of Ukraine Natalia Shkileva.

Lawyer Law Firm "Vasil Kisil & Partners Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, for its part noted that" one of the reasons for discrediting rielterov is common practice to use them in questionable transactions with the signs of criminal action pursued. "Proof of this is a generalization of the schemes of fraud in real estate contained in the order Gosfinmonitoringa on December 19, 2008 N265", - the lawyer added.

There is a problem with ethical standards. "Unfortunately, because historically, that the level of ethical standards Ukrainian Realtors was extremely low, especially - in comparison with other countries, - said M. Artyukhov. - If you refer to foreign experience, in violation of ethical standards in the United States denied a license realtor. Y We do not have this. "

But Lawyer Law Firm "Magisters" Ivan Trofimenko believes that attitudes towards realtor in Ukraine is comparable with the ratio of lawyers in the U.S.. "There are negative elements that are based primarily on the unwillingness to pay. In this most interesting thing is that the amount of payment is known to all parties initially - a percentage of the transaction. Are known and the ways to do without realtors. But despite these two well-known factor people are turning to realtors, and then wonder why they should pay. In the service sector the situation is, unfortunately, a common "- adds a lawyer.

For what and who pays?
One way or another, but if the service has not been claimed, it would not exist in the market. It remains only to find out: what are the services and what specifically you have to pay?

Realtors say: pay the man who ordered the service. But she paid services depends on the realtor. "Typically, the service cost is 5-6% and based on the fact that the correct positioning in the market of the object is sold at a price more expensive home at 10-30%," - says M. Artyukhov.

"The main criterion for a realtor is to solve the problem, which put the customer. As a general rule, it is buying or selling at the best price and terms. Only realtor may initially offer the client the right 10 or more appropriate options and the newspaper - 2-3, and then questionable. In our country realtor does not sell real estate, and solves customer problems in real estate market ", - explains N. Shkileva.

At the same time realtors agree that the Commercial Code of Ukraine does not have a service charge for real estate transactions. Specialist in Real Estate provides services to the client on the basis of voluntary contractual prices. "Ask a Realtor a proposed cost of its services and support of this value and bargain with him. It's your right" - Council C. Sinister.

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