Who choose to live in apartments?

24.02.2020 00:45
Apartments for the Ukrainian property market as a whole is still a novelty. However, in Ukraine this kind of settled down and, in fact, enjoys a very high demand: already formed a separate stratum of buyers who are interested in just apartments. Appeared and the choice of objects of different sizes and classes.

Its development format apartment was in the U.S. in 70 years: it was full apartments, but with hotel services (high-end apartments managed by the world-known networks such as Hilton, Four Seasons, Hyatt, and so on). Today, under the apartments in the United States refers to any apartment in an apartment house.

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Apartments as such, in their classic sense (including a small area and without the need of service), began to leave the real estate market in the early 2000's.

Their appearance has been initiated and the actual inability to build housing in the city limits: as the apartments can be located in non-residential buildings, the developers think about the redevelopment of existing facilities, including the former administrative, regulatory, factory buildings.

As a result, we can say that this was even a positive impact on the city: the old buildings have a "second life", and the residents of the city - a new format for housing.

In the explicit lack of new and more interesting housing apartments in central areas could occupy this niche, even more favorably affordable prices, compared to the cost of apartments in residential complexes in the same class (business and elites).

Apartment style, which proved to be the most appropriate, in demand, and as a result has become fashionable - it's certainly a loft. Lofts was originally housed in a former industrial building, in addition, this apartment-style may have different proficiency from "savings" to the "elites". It depends on the finish, but more on the engineering equipment of buildings, infrastructure and, of course, the location of the object.

The active development of new projects, good sale (Complexes were literally piece offers) says demand has formed as lofts and apartments on the whole. This is a demand for both investment and consumption, because at the initial stage of apartments can be purchased for 20% less expensive than apartments.

There are several categories of buyers among those who buy apartments "for itself." First of all, these are the people who are familiar with the format of housing, knowing its benefits. They are actively interested entrepreneurs who have business in several countries of the world, they have a different view of the house, they are not afraid of change, do not seek to acquire residential real estate with the idea that this is their first and only residence. But while they want a modern, trendy accommodation in a good area that meets their needs at the time.

Apartment interesting young, creative audience: freelancers, photographers, architects, designers - those interested in the concept of "Live and work", because here it is possible to organize not only the living but also the working space (photo studio, meeting room, and so on).
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