Who buys a cottage in the Kyiv region?

28.08.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | Who buys a cottage in the Kyiv region? Specialists of "RealEkspo" analyzed the deal to buy suburban real estate since the beginning of 2011 and came to a startling conclusion: almost 100% of the buyers country real estate business-class - men.

Buyer country real estate 98% of the man, and only 2% are women. The final decision on the purchase takes the stronger sex, and family act as pressure groups. These results showed the analysis of transactions made since the beginning of the specialists' RealEkspo. " In the pre-crisis years, the ratio was 70% to 30%. "These results are well worth it - says Victor Kovalenko, the director of" RealEkspo. " - Country House - is not only a second home, but also a serious investment for business people, who constitute 90% of all buyers. "

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Priorities remain the same customers for many years: it is, above all, accessibility, uniform social environment and safety. Infrastructure is also important for children and the environment.

Interviewed customers said they made the decision to buy more often, taking into account the views and needs of all members of the family, which acts as a "group effect" when buying. "When buying an apartment a woman makes the decision more than half the cases, because the apartment quite often get people who have no family", - said Victor Kovalenko. And among the buyers in the country market women make up only about 2%. However, only about 5% of customers do not have a fence of the family.

By occupation buyers picture is also very homogeneous: it is almost always business people, or rather a high-ranking officials, and it concerns both men and women. About 93% of all buyers have one, two or more higher educations. Among the buyers of real estate business class around 70% - Kiev, and about 30% - Residents of other regions.
Victor Kovalenko, concludes: "The higher class of accommodation, the more people in the capital among buyers. If the economy class the most part - it's out of town, you buy luxury housing in the main Kiev. "

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