Who better to buy an apartment - a builder or a realtor?

29.11.2010 11:28
The decision to buy real estate in the primary market puts buyers a choice: apply directly to the developer, or use the services of a realtor.<br /><br />Pros and cons of each option missing. The main differences - the number of proposed options, the need for additional financial costs and speed of processing the transaction. A client who clearly knows what he needs, it is better to go to the office building company, indecisive - in the specialized agencies, experts say.<br /><br />Way of buying an apartment is determined by the type of customer: if the buyer clearly assesses their needs and capabilities, then he will prefer to bargain with the developer, if the client lives in another city or just a poorly-versed in the market, it will be more comfortable working with the agency, the director of commercial real estate department LCMC Anastasia Balmochnyh. Most often the buyer agency services from other cities, largely attracted by Realtors when buying a luxury, not a model of housing.<br /><br />In recent years, the share of sales through agencies has grown since the crisis intensified developers by the feed at the same time tightening the terms of cooperation, for example, stipulating at the conclusion of the agency contract the minimum amount of monthly sales, said deputy general director of NDV St. Petersburg "(branch of the NDV-Real Estate ) Ekaterina Simonova.<br /><br />Sales managers of construction companies know their product better than most professional agent can offer the customer more choices of apartments, convenient payment scheme, additional discounts, according to CEO of the Central Department of Real Estate LenSpetsSMU Irina Onishchenko.<br /><br />"The developer has real information about the number of proposals to date, most likely a direct deal with the developer will be a little faster," - the director of the department assess the commercial real estate assets and branch Consulting Group NEO Centre in St. Petersburg, Dmitry Rachin. Ekaterina Simonova adds that only in the office of the developer can learn in detail about the construction, applied technologies, up to the grade of concrete and bricks, as well as to clarify the legal aspects of contracts.<br /><br />The agency will help the buyer build their desires, based on real needs, arrange a convenient schedule options. Realtor working with several developers, so it can show the customer the options of apartments in different areas, different class and cost, but not limited to one or more residential complexes, the director of the department newly AN "Bekar" Olga Litvichenko.<br /><br />Among possible additional services agencies - legal support, assistance in obtaining a mortgage, delivery of items for review, assistance in registration of property rights, said General Director of "CDE" St. Petersburg real estate Oleg Pashin.<br /><br />Significant negative - the need in most cases, the agency fee. "The disadvantages of working with the agency - the agent is not responsible for the cleanliness of the transaction, may miss important details because of lack of knowledge about the object. Referring to the services of an agent, the customer makes his choice, relying on someone else's opinion ", - said Irina Onishchenko.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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