Who and why is preferred home city apartment?

05.11.2010 09:50
Articles about real estate | Who and why is preferred home city apartment? Opportunity to change the city life for the countryside with little additional investment, in principle, now residents of Ukraine are. But it is important to understand to whom this option is needed and for what purpose.

Types of transactions
According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "In the pre-crisis times of about 25% of transactions in the cottage economy class are of investment, about 20-40% - mortgage, and the rest were sold for cash. System of installments and the others were less common. Now the situation has changed dramatically. "

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Investment transactions are isolated.

The client was very demanding. Even the moody, seeking the maximum "squeeze" the builder. But the client can understand: many companies prodemontrirovali inability to fulfill their obligations, so anyone willing to pay the money, wants to get for them the maximum possible.

Moreover, according to Victor Kovalenko, "more than a quarter of the customers come to the sales department with the developer does not" live "money, as with apartments, intending to exchange them for country houses. Conventional sales force development companies, of course, is not prepared for this, it is not their function - to engage in sale of apartments. But it can engage in real estate companies. "

The share of mortgages declined. Even when the developer himself offers customer assistance in obtaining credit, he refuses, citing high cost mortgages.

Who needs it
One category of buyers, those who want to exchange the apartment for a country house.
Victor Kovalenko believes that "in such situations to seek a way out - in the current environment can not lose these clients. One of the options - enter into a contract with a bank that would provide a mortgage secured on a country house with a possibility after the implementation of the apartment immediately repay the full amount. Another option - to cooperate with large real estate companies, which could take the implementation of apartments for himself. "


As practice shows, these options are most suitable for two categories of people. Or - retirees who help children or young families with children under school age.

The reasons are clear. Villages economy class is not provided in sufficient infrastructure, primarily schools. Villages in business class and elite, even in the neighborhood where the school is, anyway, do not solve the problem. Although many towns have an economy and shops, and restaurants. But for children, especially adolescents find nothing.
Therefore, the generation of young and middle aged are living outside the city "raids" - on weekends, holidays. But the young mothers with preschool children and their parents retired may well choose a suburban alternative to urban housing.

Another significant portion of buyers of suburban housing for permanent residence are visitors from the region, moving to the capital for various reasons. Either get the appointment here in the larger structure, or transferred to Kiev own business. They buy a vacation home as a permanent home.

Of course, these buyers are configured primarily to ready housing. While fully prepared towns in the Kyiv region has quite a few - such to enter the next day or a month later, when repairs will be made.

In this case, buyers are willing to put up with poor infrastructure. Head of the family - the only one case calling in the capital office, he is ready to ride by car to work, and the rest of the family quietly lives out of town. Especially because many of these families are accustomed to the nature and relative solitude, but a metropolis for them - just the wrong place.

All we talk about trends in mass migration out of the city can not, it's not, because outside the city core part of the population can not survive, says Victor Kovalenko.
Victor Kovalenko
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